Basic Doomsday Preparation For Everyone

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Regardless of their personal beliefs, everyone can benefit from preparing for doomsday scenarios. Whether you think that society will collapse, that World War III is coming or you just want to be prepared for the next big natural disaster, prepping can be useful for anyone. Learning the basics needed to be prepared is the first step to surviving whatever the future brings.

Urban Dwellers

Few people are ready for a doomsday situation. That’s especially true for those who live in urban areas. It’s hard to build a bomb shelter or bunker when you live in a condo or apartment building. However, even the urban dweller can do basic preparation. Having the basic needs on hand at all times can help both in a doomsday scenario, as well as a natural disaster such as was seen during Hurricane Sandy. Some items that urban dwellers should acquire:

  • Food and water supply

    At least 2-3 weeks of food and water for the entire household should be kept in the home. Because of the challenges associated with storing large amounts of food in a typical urban home, you’ll probably have to get creative and make extensive use of options like MRE’s.

  • First aid kit

    This should include your basic first aid needs, along with refills on prescription medicines.

  • Light and fire

    Keep batteries, flashlights, candles and fire making tools on hand. Since you never know how long an extended period of darkness may last, a battery-free flashlight is a good idea.

  • Protection

    Having a weapon to protect your family and supplies will be necessary. Shotguns are inexpensive, and are not as heavily regulated as handguns.

  • Bug out bags

    In case you must leave your home, have a bug out bag for everyone in the family. These can be made or bought, but should contain the basics to survive for at least three days until you can get somewhere safe and secure.

Rural Dwellers

Those who live in rural areas have more options. If they own their own land, they can invest in building a doomsday bunker or shelter on their property. Depending on where they live, they may be able to remain in their home for some time during an emergency. In addition to the items listed for the urban dweller, rural residents should consider the following for preparing their home for a disaster situation:

  • Generator

    Having a source of power with fuel will make the first weeks and months of a doomsday scenario much easier. Stock up on excess fuel whenever possible.

  • Prepare the home

    Getting as much maintenance done on the home as possible is a good idea. Maintaining the roof, getting septic service and making needed repairs while they can be done is important.

  • Firewood

    Stocking up on firewood will help not only heat the home, but also can be used to cook if needed.

Although these are truly only the minimum steps that should be done, it can give your family a fighting chance if doomsday hits before you can prepare further.

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