Be Prepared For Flesh-eaters And The Undead

Whether you view a zombie as a walking corpse or a hypnotized human, the time has come to prepare for the worst. People, especially Americans, have been conditioned over the past couple centuries to rely solely on services and commodities offered by corporations and government entities. As a result, we have lost our innate human survival abilities. When the apocalypse happens, those who are prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally are the ones who will be able to carve out their own niche on the new Earth. Here we provide some of the basic essentials, which will be necessary for survival.


A human being can survive no more than 45 days without food (and that being optimistic). Anyone truly wanting to survive the apocalypse should get out of densely populated areas and head for the hills, instead of competing for scraps of looted supermarket food. The SAS Survival Guide should be purchased immediately and kept somewhere you can access it all the time (it’s about the size of a smartphone). It has a list of several wild edible plants and berries, regardless of climate. And a heavy fishing line and hook should be included in your survival pack, along with string to make snare traps for small game. Its possible you may run into some other non-zombie survivalists who have an abundance of food for trade. Gold will once again become legal tender, so it’s a good idea to visit a website such as US Money Reserve and exchange some of your paper dollars for the precious metal.


Humans can survive five days maximum without water, making it far more important than food. In an ideal situation, you’ll find a spot to setup camp with a water source nearby. Purification tablets can be dropped into any water and kill all the deadly bacteria and viruses it potentially has. It will make the water bitter and sour tasting, but safe for drinking. A roll of plastic and small spade should be part of your survival pack to build a solar still for water. A still can turn any liquid, including urine into drinkable water. Morning dew on grass can be absorbed with a clean rag and rung into a cup when absolutely desperate. Several plant roots can also provide a small amount of water in a pinch.

Shelter and Protection

Whether it’s extreme heat or bitter cold, you must be able to protect yourself from the elements. Your survival pack should ideally have a tent and a tent repair kit. This can be used as shelter until a more sturdy structure can be built. A roof to protect you from getting soaked in a rainstorm (and potentially dying of hypothermia) can also be built by attaching a sheet of plastic to three or four closely-adjacent trees.
Gun laws differ by state, but this is the best protection against zombies. A 9mm or .40 caliber hand gun are both small enough to carry in a survival pack. Ammunition can get quite heavy and weigh you down, thus the supply will be limited. The gun should only be used when absolutely necessary. The shot should always be to the head of the zombie, as this will kill instantly and preserve ammo.

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