Before the Hunt: 5 Steps to Take before Your First Hunting Experience

Getting out and experiencing all that nature has to offer is one of the greatest things in life. Hunting your own food is one of the more primitive and enjoyable hobbies. If you’ve never hunted before, you may not know where to start the process. Here are tips to get you going on your first hunting adventure.


Purchase Your Gear

Decide how and what type of animals that you want to hunt. This will give you a starting off point for what type of gear and equipment that you’ll need to purchase. Visit places like First Southern Service so that you can get a feel for all of the options that you have been it comes to the weaponry available for your hunting excursion.


Take Safety Courses

Being safe is an important part of going hunting. You don’t want to injure yourself or others because you don’t know how to handle yourself or your weapon. Take safety courses so that you can be prepared for your trip and will have a good time. The instructors should be able to give you some pointers for how to properly care for your gear in the wilderness.


Plan Your Itinerary

Decide where you want to go on your hunting trip. Make sure to let others know where you’re going and when you plan on being back. This can mean the difference between you being found if there’s an emergency. Consider going with a group of friends so that you can keep an eye on each other.


Man with RifleGet a Permit

The hunting of animals will generally require that you get a permit to do so. There are certain times of the year that you’ll be allowed to hunt the animal of your choice. There are also restrictions on the type of weaponry that you’ll be allowed to use. Make sure to check with the Forest Service and get the right permit. You can receive a fine if you fail to do so.


Do Your Research

Research the behavior of the animal that you’re planning on hunting. This can save you some frustration of coming home empty handed. Another thing to consider is the weather conditions during your trip. You don’t want to be caught unprepared.


The hardest part of any hunting trip is the planning portion. It’s made more difficult if you don’t have any experience. Make sure to take your time so that you don’t suffer from an injury during your hunting adventure.



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