Being Prepared – 5 Ways To Prepare For Unexpected Disasters

Bug-Out Bag

Unexpected disasters come from any direction. For many, there is no warning. An earthquake or tornado may happen in moments. For others, such as regional fires, floods, and storms you might have several days to prepare. The more prepared you are in advance the greater the chances of surviving and overcoming the disaster.


  1. “Bug out” bags have become popular since Hurricane Katrina. If you need to leave your home immediately, and know that you will not be coming back for a while, having a bag containing emergency supplies that you pick up on the way out the door is critical. Drinking water, preserved foods, and items such as matches, first aid kits, blankets, medical papers, and twine may mean the difference between mere discomfort and deprivation.
  2. Knowing where the other family members are or where they are heading towards enables the family to rejoin each other. Few things are worse than not knowing the whereabouts of close family during an emergency. The fear and worry saps the mind and makes it difficult to focus on key survival techniques.
  3. Keeping all the vehicles maintained and gassed up is always important. If you must evacuate with only a little gas in the auto you are not going very far. All vehicles should have an emergency kit in the trunk that includes lights, blankets, extra batteries, and other necessities.
  4. Rising waters from a nearby river is not the only source of flooding. An overabundance of rain can wash through an area and leave havoc behind. Dewatering pumps might make the difference between being able to salvage and stay in your home or abandoning it because of too much water. The dewatering pump should feed into a drainage system that takes the water well away from the home, and have an independent power supply.
  5. The surprise of a disaster is what hampers many people from handling it well. Planning for potential disasters and mock running through the steps creates a sense of purpose and expectations when one happens for real. When everyone has a place to be and a job to carry out then it means the survival likelihood goes up considerably.

You do not have to live by a hurricane-prone coast or an earthquake zone to become prepared. Preparedness books and DVDs are available that walk interested families through the way to plan for various disasters, and the supplies to prepare in advance.



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