Being Prepared in Extreme Weather Situations

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With more reports of extreme weather affecting every region of the world, it’s important to be prepared now more than ever. Most weather and disaster preparedness experts agree that the more prepared you are when disaster strikes the better your chances are of coming out unscathed. Whether camping with your family or preparing your home for an extreme weather scenario there is a portable generator that meets your needs.

Many companies including Westinghouse, Honda, and Champion are making high quality quite generators for RV’s, small generators for camping, and duel fuel portable generators, that can usually be converted to tri fuel portable generators with an easy to install conversion kit.

The conversion might be an added expense but can come in handy when a disaster strikes or when resources are hard to come by. By converting your generator from a duel fuel portable generator to a tri fuel portable generator, you’re adding the ability for your portable generator to run off of natural gasses, and propane as opposed to just gasoline. Gasoline is great option if you use all of the fuel in your tank and use your generator often. However when gasoline sits for long periods of time it can become gummy and cause your generator to malfunction when you need it most. Many natural gasses and propane can sit undisturbed for longer periods, and are often used by professionals for their emergency generators.

Gasoline also becomes one of the most sought after resources after a disaster, and can be extremely hard to allocate between your vehicles and your generator. Using natural gases and propane assures you will have fuel when it’s needed most and will probably assure you are the most popular person in your neighborhood if extreme weather does affect your region.

Generators are hopefully a last resort in a weather emergency, but can enhance camping and outdoor experiences, so having a generator can serve a number of different purposes from powering appliances in your RV, keeping the lights on while in the outdoors, or just adding an additional source of portable power around your home.

We hope you never have to use your generator as an emergency survival device, and can use it as another way to enhance your daily and special activities. However there is no denying that when disasters do occur that having a generator at your disposal can be the thing that makes the difference. If that day comes having a tri fuel generator can be a huge advantage in making sure you and your family are safe and comfortable.

The article was written by Henry Habgood. Henry is an Amazon Affiliate and is the owner of Generator Gator.

2 thoughts on “Being Prepared in Extreme Weather Situations

  • November 24, 2014 at 12:46 am

    We have a wood stove in thee garage and one winter when the heat was off we pent many hours and overnight outside- it actually wasnt terribly bad.

  • November 23, 2014 at 8:33 am

    We live in a rural area and power outages do occur during winter storms, that's the price of living on a mountain foot hill.


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