Best home security apps for Android and iPhone

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Every home owner has every right to be concerned about their home security and that of their loved ones who live in it. The security of your home can be enhanced with the availability of a reliable home security system. In recent days, home security products and services are more intelligent and very helpful to the home owners. Beside the ease of obtaining great home security systems in the market, the tiring task of installing wires and codes is a thing of the past. Those days of relying on the services of a home security system to install an elaborate security system in the entire house are now over.

Today, home security system are wireless, they are pre-configured by the manufacturer and installation takes only 15 minutes. You can even conduct the installation yourself by making use of the peel and stick sensors. Upon installation, the wireless home security system can be controlled from a mobile app on an Android device or an iPhone. Sky contact will come in handy if you need transmission capabilities of television or radio systems in your home security system. This means that you can now take total control of your home security system using iPhone and Android apps that are available via iTunes and Google play. Here, you will find some of the best home security apps for your Android or iPhone.

Napco IBridge APP

This is a state of the art mobile application that allows you to manage your home security with a lot ease. Its versatility is evident in the fact that it can also be used to control video cameras as well as home automation. It allows you to control any Gemini security system, set and reset alarms remotely and in opening or locking doors with integrated Z-wave remote doors. What is more, you can use this app for video surveillance to see what is happening in your home when you are away. This particularly comes in handy when you have left children at home and are worried about their well-being.


It allows you to easily install and control your home surveillance system from various devices including your computer, smart phone or tablet. It works well with both the regular and High Design Cameras. Installing the camera with this app is easy and will only take you a few minutes going through user friendly steps. After being configured, the app allows you the power to remotely control your wireless internet cameras.


Looking for a way to automate your home? IPhone E-Home is an advanced program that allows you to communicate with your home and control your property through iPhone or iPod, via internet or voice commands. This gives you access to multiple benefits including home security and surveillance cameras. Additionally, you get to enjoy other benefits such as lighting, heating, entertainment, internet services and air conditioning. It is well designed to ensure ease by the end user and therefore providing a rich environment from which home owners can not only enhance their home security but also have a system that is fully tailored to meet their lifestyle needs.

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