Best Ideas for Improving Your Home to Counteract Four Disaster Scenarios

The goal behind home improvement is mainly to beautify the house. What may not always be obvious is that in undertaking a lot of upgrading projects, major possible threats can be blunted. Any lengthy observation of the news shows that extreme occurrences can hit without warning. Often times, something completely unexpected can be minimized through an improvement. Here’s a few ways this can unfold.

Washed Away

Relentless rainfall has sent the nearby river over its banks and into the home’s basement. In a warming climate with increased humidity, this can turn into a frequent event. The homeowner just has to accept that their basement could wind up an indoor swimming pool. A home improvement project like turning the attic into additional living space can compensate for the loss of one living space with another that’s out of harms way.

A Hole In The Roof

When shingles get old, they become brittle and can break apart in high winds, exposing the underlying roof to leaks. In the event of a passing hurricane, this is almost certain to happen. Not only will the high winds do damage, the torrential downpour will definitely make its way indoors. A new replacement roof stands a better chance of laying flat in the face of 70 mph winds and forms a solid barrier against battering rains.

Extra Privacy

Home improvement isn’t limited to the house itself. Surrounding the home in a privacy fence enhances appearances and value. In the event of a wildfire, it can do one more thing. If the fence consists of a high concrete wall, it provides the best protection against wind-borne embers that could set the house on fire. It not only blocks the flames, it’s fireproof itself. The key is to avoid wooden or vinyl stockade fencing.

Window Accents

A great improvement to the exterior of any house is window shudders. If they happen to be storm shudders, though, they’ll provide both beauty and safety. Originally designed to guard against hurricanes, storm shudders are versatile in many different situations. Imagine if a house was hit by the pressure wave from a detonating nuclear warhead or impacting meteor. Just by closing these decorative steel or aluminum additions, there’s no chance of shattered glass flying throughout the interior.

More Than Pretty

People usually like to initiate home improvement projects to give their houses a brand-new look. As these examples show, there can be more vital reasons to make some changes in a home.

Rianne Hunter is a wife, mother of three, and a writer that covers a broad range of subjects like home improvement, family, and health. She recommends talking with professionals such as a San Rafael roofing supply company to decide what you should do to best prepare your home for disasters.

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  • April 19, 2014 at 7:23 am

    If you live n a flood prone area most if not all city codes require homes are lifted up… or the city buys them out. If it was in the country I wouldnt build that close to the water.


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