Big Game Hunters: 5 Ways to Stay Comfortable on Your Hunting Trip

If you are out hunting in the middle of winter, you’re likely going to want to find some ways to keep nice and warm and dry. Perhaps the thing to keep in mind right at the top is that there is going to be a level of cold no matter what you do. This is, after all kind of the point of going hunting in this kind of weather. You know the elements are out there and you’ve just got to find a way to stave them off so you can still be relatively comfortable while you’re waiting for your game to come across your blind.


Wear Layers

When you first head out and are starting to get settled, there is going to be a certain amount of exertion. This is going to lead to you feeling warmer than you will later. Make sure you are still wearing a number of layers to make sure you’re staying warm. Wearing undershirts, as well as long sleeve shirts and then sweaters from places like Over under Clothing under your coat will allow you to keep in your body heat.


Cardboard Is Your Best Friend

Sometimes, it’s the simple things, such as a piece of cardboard that can help. Placing a piece under your feet will keep the cold from soaking into the bottom of your shoes. It will also help keep you dry.


Eat Calorie Filled Meals

You might have heard that burning calories creates heat. This is not an old wives tale. If you eat meals that are packed with calories, you are going to find that you’ll be able to keep your body heat up. Don’t be bringing meal replacement bars and thinking you’re doing the job. You’re going to want big time calories if you really want to get that body heat trending upwards.


Big Game HunterHead and Hands Are Important

While you are going to want to layer to keep your core warm, you also want to make sure that your head and hands are covered as often as possible. This is where heat escapes. Keeping them covered lets less escape.


Stay in Good Condition

If you’re an avid winter hunter, make sure you are staying in good condition. You’ll be exerting yourself at some point. The worse condition you’re in, the more you’re going to sweat. Sweat will eventually turn to cold, no matter how hard you’ve worked at staying warm.



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