Bore-busters for Doomsday

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Boredom is dangerous when you’re hiding. Unfortunately, the post-apocalyptic era is not the best time to be curious. Now, what are you supposed to do, apart from maintaining vigilance?

You got to do something other than brandishing fresh ammo in your gear. While the world is rotting in decay and ash, you have yourself to take care of. Enrich your intellectual, emotional and bodily physique by trying these suggestions: reading, shooting, writing, and making artworks.

Books & book clubs

What You Need: books, magazine, or any reading material available plus a comfy corner

Have you ever heard about that saying that when you get to read, you also get to travel? For obvious reasons you just can’t actually travel; but that doesn’t mean your mind can’t. Okay, forget about the astral plane and stick to imagery.

Imagery and activating your imagination – you need just that to pass the time. Fiction works could enhance your scenario-making of which may prove to be handy later. Non-fiction stuff is also entertaining – it can remind you of the world as it used to be and, subsequently, light a fire of hope.

Don’t get too comfy, though. Looters and zombies are pretty much around. Read but stay alert as a deer. Don’t ignore the sound you’ll hear. These noises are less likely to come from your hyper-activated imagination!

Practise targets

What You Need: improvised practise arena (sound-proofed to avoid attracting attention), shooting weapon, fake or unlimited ammunition

You might have installed alarm bells all over the place to alert yourself of intruders. Your gun or any other long-range weapon is just beside you. But what good will these prepping bring if you haven’t practised shooting?

Chances are you wouldn’t stand a chance. Worse, you might just waste your gathered ammunition. Don’t wait for them to arrive before you get your first proper lesson. Improvise a practise arena (preferably sound-proofed) and shoot like your target’s there.

For added fuel, set goals and measure your accuracy and speed.

Writing whatever

What You Need: pen, pencils, paper, walls, or any writing paraphernalia

When the post-apocalypse commenced, you might have lost the chance to even get into college or university. You need not despair. You can always do some of the things conducted inside lecture halls or schools.

And one activity you can take in your bunker home is writing. You can write anything – from English essays, to diary-type entries, from short stories, to poetry. Perhaps, you can wear the shoes of those other classic and famous writers, who were long dead but remained immortal – thanks to their written masterpieces!


While busting boredom, ensure that you are not depleting your resources (eg, ammunition or night’s sleep). You know you got to save it to save yourself and your company.

Furthermore, do these activities when it’s not your duty to watch-out. Remember that when it’s your time to be the hawk, you can’t afford to get distracted.

Lastly, try to do these things without causing hassle to your fellow survivors.

Author Bio: Manuela Theissen is an avid fan of post-apocalyptic fiction. She critiques and writes reviews for fiction books, as well as, assists uni-students in English essay writing. She spends her downtime doing DYI projects, grooming her giant mastiff, and cultivating crops. Her current rave is Smythe’s “Did You Hear It?” book.

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