Bug-out Bag: What to Include When You’re a True Prepper

Preppers live up to their names. They’re individuals who work hard to be 100 percent ready to tackle all kinds of disaster situations. If you’re a bona fide prepper who wants to be prepared to navigate any difficult circumstances that come your way, you need to focus on acquiring a handful of vital things to keep in a bag.

A Water Filter

Hydration is imperative in the best of times. That’s why it’s imperative in crises, too. It’s important for preppers to invest in water filters that can give them access to H20 that’s clean and fresh. Consumption of soiled water can be a major risk to people.

Dependable Lighting

Preppers should make a point to keep reliable lighting sources in their bags. Lack of lighting can be a problem for individuals who are in the midst of taxing emergency dilemmas. You should concentrate on getting your hands on a LED (Light Emitting Diode) headlamp, a small LED light, a compact LED keychain and even a handful of candles. Don’t forget to throw in a few batteries.

Bug Out Bag StuffPerformance Shirts with Long Sleeves

If you want to be able to get through an emergency with success, you need to have the right attire. Performance shirts can help you handle all kinds of demanding physical tasks. It can be particularly smart to get a long sleeve performance tee for extra comfort. Look for shirts that can give your body defense against environmental components. Prioritize material quality and resilience above all else. Don’t waste your money on performance shirts that feel weak or flimsy in any way.

A First Aid Kit

Urgent medical concerns can make already frustrating situations all the more unpleasant. If you’re a serious prepper, you need to make sure that your bag includes a comprehensive first aid kit. You can never anticipate medical emergencies, after all. Things that belong in your kit include gauze, adhesive bandages, antiseptic ointment, clean cloths, sticking plaster, insect spray, alcohol pads, tweezers, burn gel, gloves, medical tape, hand sanitizer and petroleum jelly. Be as thorough and detail-oriented as possible when putting this kit together. You don’t want to leave anything crucial out.

Preparation can be a wonderful thing for people who like the idea of peace of mind. If you’re a prepper who is determined to cover all of your bases, you need to invest in these things right now. The right supplies can help you relax.



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