Bug-Out Prep: Why You Need a Temporary Shelter

Life is full of unexpected events and changes. Sometimes, these events and changes can cause you to need to lay low in a temporary shelter for a little while. These issues, some of which are explained below, can occur with minimal warning and no time to prepare.

Natural Disasters

Regardless of where you live in the world, you are bound to experience some type of natural disaster. Maintaining a temporary shelter is essential to your survival should you encounter a natural disaster that renders your home inhabitable. Although governments generally have an emergency response agency that set up temporary shelters for large groups of displaced residents, it’s easier and less stressful for you to have your own temporary shelter. It affords you privacy, prevents theft, and protects you from contracting an illness due to being in close quarters with hundreds of other people.

Financial Difficulty

If you experience sudden homelessness, you’ll be thankful that you have a temporary shelter available for use. A camper trailer hitched to the back of your vehicle makes a perfect temporary shelter when you find yourself in between homes. Modern campers are even equipped with a stove and refrigerator to provide you with as many modern conveniences as possible.

Pesticide Treatment

No matter how careful you are or how often you clean, your home is still susceptible to a pest infestation. When your home becomes infested, it will need to be fumigated. This means evacuating your home for hours or even days. This would be a situation where a temporary shelter would come in very handy. Instead of stressing over being removed from your home, you can relax in a tent in a nearby camping area or pack up your camper trailers to use as mobile shelters.

Unexpected Guests

Whether you’re surprised by unexpected relatives during the holidays or by someone who needs to sleep at your house for a few days, the limited amount of sleeping room in your home won’t be enough to house everyone. A temporary shelter is a perfect solution to this sudden dilemma. Your relatives can sleep soundly inside of your warm camper trailer for the duration of their stay and you won’t have to turn them away.

In addition to having a temporary shelter available, you should also have a bug-out bag prepared for emergencies. A bug-out bag goes hand-in-hand with a temporary shelter since both will be necessary for your comfort and survival in the event of an emergency or a quick evacuation.

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