Can You Doomsday Prep Your Car?

Here’s the scenario: Armageddon is upon you and the only thing standing between your family and a pack of brain-coveting zombies, or your next door neighbor yielding an unregistered AK-47, is the family’s trusty vehicle. Sure, you could jump into your grocery-getting hatchback and hope you make it out of town but what if suddenly you need a new fuel level sending unit? You could give your family a leg-up on the odds by apocalypse-proofing your vehicle. From creating a seemingly over-the-top, although completely necessary, disaster kit to outfitting a way to communicate with your fellow survivors; it’s possible to survive and rebuild humanity in your car.

The Ideal Vehicle to Select

It’s not completely necessary to head out and purchase a new vehicle in the likelihood of a complete societal breakdown, although it’s a good idea if you want to see the day following the fall. A smaller SUV is a great option because it offers more cargo room to bring along all of life’s little incidentals, including food, water and a series of grenade launchers. However, these larger vehicles aren’t quite as fuel efficient, so keep this is mind if you cannot get to a gas station.

A wagon offers the cargo room comparable to an SUV while offering better gas mileage. If you need speed to get away from a mob of blood thirsty tribe of your former neighbors, and are on your own, go ahead and spend your retirement fund on a sleek sports car. Whatever you do, stay away from convertibles, because although the allure of putting the top down to take out invading zombies is a seemingly fun way to get to the next town, it’s kind of difficult to pay attention to the road if you’re fending off your undead 4th grade science teacher.

The Mother of All Roadside Disaster Kits

Now that you have the perfect vehicle, or your present car is in good working order, it’s time to create the ultimate roadside survival kit. You’ll need everything a typical kit includes, such as food, water, road flares, blankets, flashlights and a spare cell phone charger, but rest assured this won’t be enough to get through the apocalypse. In addition to these items, fill your plastic bin with the following must-haves:

  • Fix-a-Flat. This handy man in a canister not only is a lifesaver if you have a flat, it’s also a great weapon in a pinch.
  • Two walkie-talkies with a range of at least 14 miles.
  • Hand crank radio.
  • Tent and sleeping bags for each member of your party. If you don’t have a tent in your emergency preparedness kit, a tarp will work in a pinch.
  • Bleach. If need be, your bleach is capable of becoming a disinfectant and when used in the correct proportions, will sterilize water if your regular supply has run out.
  • A month supply of necessary medications.
  • Pet food and extra water.
  • Feminine and personal hygiene supplies.
  • Entertainment in the form of magazines, crossword puzzles, books and other activities for your kids.

Clearing Out Unnecessary Clutter

Remember once the apocalypse occurs, your car will now turn into a makeshift home on wheels. If you have a family, there isn’t much you can do- except prepare them to leave any unnecessary items at home. If you’re alone or traveling with one other person, don’t hesitate to rip out the back seat to make room for food, water, gasoline or a gun rack. You might regularly keep your golf clubs, kid’s hockey gear or other extraneous items in the trunk. Remove these immediately to make room for your supplies.

Know Where You’re Going

It’s all well and good to have the most tricked-out, end-of-the-world-ready vehicle on the block, but it’s completely useless if you don’t have a Point B to head to. Locate at least two to three fortified structures or remote areas that will serve as your post-apocalyptic headquarters. Practice driving to these locations, especially at night, until you can practically make the journey with your eyes closed. Perfect your defensive driving tactics and head to a vacant field at night to practice traveling at high speeds without the headlights, which is a practical skill if you’re trying to invade ravenous zombies on your tail.

There is one last necessity to bring along that many overlook and that is maps. Chances are your satellite-enabled and fairly expensive GPS system will be rendered useless during the apocalypse. A variety of detailed maps is the best way to know where you’re going when everyone else is lost in the wilderness.

This post was written and contributed by Edson Farnell. Edson writes about various automotive topics. Many of Edson’s friends refer to him as the Auto Parts Geek.

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  • September 7, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Now those are really scary thoughts you got there. If those actually happen, your won't save you. But anyway, I'm impressed with the way you present your ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

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  • August 17, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Absolutely pick up some topo maps and a lensatic compass. Learn the basics of land nav. Do not rely on GPS or your smart phone!

    Great article.


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