Can Your Food Storage Keep You Alive During a Doomsday?

There has been a lot of talk about of the world ending recently due to the Mayan calendar. The calendar was suppose to abruptly on December, 21st, 2012. Since we all clearly saw nothing happened and we are all living today, there was no doomsday. However, since some people did believe that this was going to happen, some people were smart and stocked up on emergency supplies which honestly is not a bad idea. With the economy collapsing, war raging out of control, diseases spreading, and stronger hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, and other storms, becoming a prepper isn’t such a bad idea.

A prepper is a person who stores a large amount of food and water inside their home. Some do this in case there’s ever an emergency, while others save their stash for when the world does end. Regardless of the reason, even a full food storage unit won’t last forever.

The average person can survive three days without water and one to two weeks without food. This means that having water is extremely important. Emergency teams recommend having at least three liters of water per day. Since Doomsday will probably last longer than just three days, preppers can also use water purification tablets and a rain collector.

In terms of food, long lasting items, such as canned goods, beef jerky, picked or canned meat, cereal, whole grain crackers, peanut butter, and nuts, are easy to consume and are recommended. Of course, these too will run out, and that’s why it’s important for preppers to have a garden. If living in a warmer climate, they’ll be able to grow all the food they need year round. Living more north can make matters harder, but by gardening inside, learning how to can items, or using freeze dried food, this will no longer be a problem.

Meals Ready To Eat (MREs) may also be used in a disaster. These waterproof packages have been designed to contain a well balanced meal. An example of one meal may be grilled chicken, bread, green beans, coffee, gum, applesauce, peanut butter and crackers, apple cider, Skittles, and protein powder. As can be seen, these contain every item of the food pyramid, meaning that the survivor will receive more energy after their meal. That being said, eating nothing but MREs can get old quickly. This is why starting a garden in additional to having a good supply is key.

The final way to guarantee safely after Doomsday is to raise animals. Cows can be used for beef, goats may be used for milk, and chickens will supply the household a steady supply of protein. Best of all, all these animals require very little care as they eat mostly off the land.

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