Choosing The Best Rifle Scope For Survival

Every hunter knows the importance of the rifle scope. It is an equipment that can help you in utilizing the full features of your 308 rifle. It is never easy to hunt a prey in the woods or on the ground, which is located at a distant location. You may think that you have got the best shot with bare eyes, but you may miss it.

The far located prey can move pretty quickly and you may even not notice their movement. In addition, you can miss a chance of killing the prey immediately by shooting the bullet on a wrong organ of its body. The Rifle Scope makes hunting quite enjoyable and easier. Therefore, you should search and buy the best scope for 308.

Finding the best scope may not be as simple as you believe.  You will have to check several important aspects of the scope to ensure you are investing your money in a right product. Follow this guide and it will lead you towards the best scopes available in the market.

The main tube:

The main tube of most of the rifle scopes measures around 30mm or 34 mm in diameter. If you are willing to practice long-distance targeting, you should search for a riflescope with a large-diameter main tube. You will get better adjustment features and the rifle scope will be more durable than normal scopes.

The cost of riflescope with a large size main tube would be higher than normal scopes because the mounting rings would be expensive. If you are not ready to spend that expensive amount, you should search for a 1” diameter main-tube rifle scope. Even the experts suggest using the 1” diameter riflescope because it is perfect for hunting in America.

Objective lens:

You may visit many rugged regions for hunting during all the seasons. The riflescope should not malfunction because of fog or water vapor. Therefore, it should be nitrogen purged. When it comes to considering the objective lens, the market is filled with 40-50mm size objective lenses. Though, you can get scopes with 20mm to 72mm objective lenses. The larger the objective lens would be the larger amount of light it will gather.

Therefore, a scope with a large size objective lens can help you in taking a perfect shot during the low light conditions. Scopes with larger object lens are mounted higher than normal scopes to offer a clear vision of the targeted object. The rifle scopes with large size objective lens seem bulkier and therefore any riflescope with 40mm or 50mm objective lens size would be a great choice.

The quality of the glass:

Rifle Scope

The quality of glass would depend on how much money you can spend. Inexpensive materials cannot offer amazing feats. A scope equipped with extra low dispersion glass would be an ideal choice for hunting rifle scope. It effectively reduces chromatic aberration and produces sharp and vibrant images. Your target will be clearly visible.

The lenses should always be multi-coated so that the light transmission can be awesome. You need maximum brightness to have a clear view of the targeted area. The multi-coated lenses perform really great and that’s why you should choose the glass carefully.

The focal plane and reticle:

You may probably know that there is a huge collection of reticles. The best hunting scope comes with various types of scopes. The purpose of reticle is to assist you in targeting a specific area, where you want to shoot and gun down the target. Various companies produce different types of reticles which are perfect for both short distance and long distance targets. So, choose a rifle scope with a reticle that can help you in aiming both short distance and long distance targets.

The adjustment feature:

Rifle Adjustment

Every hunter demands for rapid adjustment turrets that can help him in making adjustment quickly on the hunting ground. The long range shooters wait a lot to find the prey and they wish to take a perfect shot so that the target can die with just one shot. But, the preys like bucks are tend to change position quickly.

Therefore, you may need to make adjustment according to the position of the prey. The rifle scope should allow you to make rapid adjustments so that you will not miss a perfect shot. Though the beginners need to learn how to make rapid adjustments, this feature itself makes hunting easier for the beginners.

The magnification feature:

Most of the hunters need rifle scopes because they cannot target the prey with bare eyes. The scopes are needed to magnify the far located objects so that you can take a clear view of the target. A rifle scope that provides clear images of the prey located 300 yards away is certainly a great choice for the novice and experienced hunters. It is also a great shooting gear for the marksman. So, ensure you are buying a rifle scope that will not blur the images, if you are magnifying a far located target.


You may need to go through some areas, which are full of limbs and branches. These objects in the woods can damage the rifle scope if it is not durable. The best scope for 308 should be capable of bearing normal shocks and scuffs so that it can offer a long-lasting service. Never choose a fragile one that may easily get broken if you accidentally fall down your rifle. It is okay if you need to spend some extra bucks, but you should invest for better durability and better quality.

These are the factors that you must consider while choosing the best riflescope for hunting. Now you might have got some hint regarding which rifle scopes can meet your demands. So, check the best hunting scope reviewed and you will find what you are looking for. The reviewed scopes are suitable for both beginners and pros. The beginners will find some great cost-effective options and the professional hunters will get great alternatives to choose from.



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