The Colony Season 1 – A Prepper’s Perspective

by Shane White

The Colony is a guided social experiment to see what would happen if you put ten “random” people in a doomsday scenario.

The first season is a scenario in which viral outbreak has occurred. These ten people were, for this experiment, are some of the few survivors. After some sleep and food deprecation to get them in the mood, they drop them into the group and give them general directions to where their home base is. The colony spends ten weeks learning on the fly what they need to do to survive.

While I am sure they tried hard to think like they were in the apocalypse for the long haul, some of their early decisions are clearly based on the short term and not the long term or they would have been better worked out. Also, some of their decisions were clearly not based on logic and were more based on what they would do if they went on a short vacation. As the season went on they all seemed to take it a little more seriously.

During the series, the producers threw a series of tests at the colony, they began to take things a little and then a lot more seriously. After they got in the groove of the experiment, they began to get their priorities in order. I could tell by towards the end of the experiment that the producers had given the colony some direction for what they needed to do and began to pick up the pressure to exit the colony with a truck the people had customized for their escape. Also, naturally with real people, there is a lot of drama in this series. I won’t tell you any more of the story-line. You need to watch it for yourself.

Overall, I felt that this series seemed fairly realistic, but somewhat guided. This show has many people taking their roles seriously. You can see ordinary people reacting in a doomsday situation. You also get to see how people might react with other people in a high pressure situation.

From a prepper’s perspective, The show is worth watching because of the fact that the people here are real even though the scenario is fictional. Watching shows like this can give you a perspective of what a real doomsday scenario might be like, and situations you might run into.

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