Creating Your Mobile Survival Vehicle

Living in a house with wheels comes with an underserved stigma in our country. Derogatory terms like trailer trash are tossed around in popular culture, as if living in a mobile home exclusively dictated a person’s economic status and level of decency.


Seeing the volatility of our world in environmental and geopolitical aspects, it’s about time that we change our views on mobile living. If you think about it, being able to move around with relative ease (moving furniture from one place to another is either expensive and/or laborious) is the way to go.


The average RV or trailer is fine for the most part, but most of them are not really built by default as a vehicle that can provide its inhabitants with all the essentials of living. Given the lack of resources, one has to get a little more creative and innovative in order to maximize what resources they have on hand.


Here are a few clever ideas that have already been done by people in order to make mobile living just as good, or even better than living in a regular immobile residence:


School BusConvert a Truck or Bus

Buying an RV is so mainstream. Some very resourceful students have done this and converted a school bus into a rather comfortable-looking home. Depending on the size of your family or group, you might not need a vehicle as large as the one pictured above.


Since limited resources are a factor here, it would be best to seek second hand vehicles for this endeavor. Fortunately, there are many online sales and auction portals that can provide shoppers with a wealth of choices, and with the built-in search tools, finding the right vehicle for the right price isn’t going to be inconvenient. Sites like NextTruck is a great place to start your vehicle search.


Plant Your Garden On Your Mobile Home

Who says you need to abandon your plants when you move? If you managed to find a bus or a truck that you can call home, why not plant your garden on top of it as well? You may want to skip on trees and other tall-growing vegetation, but surely smaller plants can easily make a home in plant boxes on top of your home-ride.


As for the kind of plants to grow, it would be a good idea to grow fruit/root bearing and medicinal species that you can harvest and make use of. A few flowering and ornamental plants would be good too, but do remember that if the proverbial doodoo hits the high-RPM fan, beauty will most definitely take a backseat to utility.


Fortify Your Truck

This might be the least important among the three suggestions, unless you’re pretty sure that you’re going to be parking around rougher neighborhoods (or actual war zones, for that matter). This is also not going to be cheap, so learning how to weld and bolt/rivet stuff onto your truck will be a very useful skill if you do choose to make your vehicle a little more combat-ready.


With all the stuff you’ve loaded onto your vehicle, remember that a substantial amount of weight has been added to the chassis, and that will mean that the engine and suspension of the vehicle will be under additional stress to keep this thing moving. Again, this is why fortification should be the least of your priorities when customizing your apocalypse-ready rig.


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