Which Degrees Give You the Best Skills You Need to Survive in an Emergency?

For many industries, a high school diploma does not qualify you for certain positions and you will need to seek a higher-level degree. However, there are some degrees that can provide you with more than just a better paying job or one with more responsibility. There are several degrees that can actually help you survive an emergency or give you the skills necessary to help someone else who is involved in an emergency situation.


Emergency Management

Emergency management degrees provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to help individuals and businesses prepare for emergencies. You will also learn how best to help people when they are involved in an emergency. Many people who obtain emergency management degrees work in governmental agencies, including fire companies, police departments and emergency medical agencies. In addition to gaining the skills that allow you to help others, you will also gain skills that could be used should you become involved in an emergency situation yourself. Degrees cover topics such as bioterrorism, psychology, sociology, managing hazardous materials, as well as basic and advanced first aid.



If you have decided to attend nursing school, you already have a desire to help other people when they are suffering from injuries or illnesses. Nursing can also prepare you for emergency situations in your personal life as well. Nurse practitioners are trained to assist people who are hurt or sick, so when an emergency occurs in your personal life, you will be able to use the same skills you use on the job to manage the emergency situation. Nursing degrees are available in several levels, from registered nurses to nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners are able to prescribe medication and have a higher level of training than registered nurses, making them uniquely qualified to survive an emergency both professionally and personally.


Respiratory Therapist

Which Degrees Give You the Best Skills You Need to Survive in an Emergency

Respiratory therapists deal with people who have chronic lung problems due to accident or illness. Respiratory therapists must be compassionate and knowledgeable about issues that could affect breathing. In an emergency situation, a respiratory therapist would have the knowledge necessary to assist someone who may be having difficulty breathing. They would also be able to identify breathing issues and recommend the best course of treatment during an emergency.


Homeland Security

Degrees in homeland security not only prepare you for careers that protect others; they also provide you with the skills necessary in an emergency situation. Homeland security degrees include courses in disaster preparedness and response. This means that when an emergency occurs, you are prepared to take action that will mitigate injury and keep those involved calm. Homeland security goes beyond counterterrorism activities as some careers in the industry focus on helping those who are dealing with an emergency, such as earthquakes, wildfires and other natural disasters that can lead to injury.


These are just a few degrees that can prepare you for an emergency situation in your personal life. If you have a desire to help others who are facing an emergency, it can pay to pick an education path now that will help you prepare to do that if the need arises.


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