Devil in the Details: Become Prepared for Any Disaster

In our day to day lives, the threat of a natural disaster is not usually something that we care to think about very often. These emergency situations happen so infrequently that we may forget we need to prepare for them. However, should a natural disaster or emergency arise, it is very important for us, especially those with families, to be ready for it. There are many ways that one can prepare their home, themselves, and their families should something go wrong.

Preparing Your Home

Disasters can strike at any moment, and it is vital that one safeguards their home against what may come. In areas that experience very extreme weather or high winds, it is very important to invest in wind-resistant shutters. These can help prevent against damage to your windows, and the interior of the home. Those that utilize septic systems my find that, especially in hurricanes, they can back up into yards or pipes and cause lots of damage. Investing in sewer leak repair by a professional can help shield pipes from damage, and conserve the foundation of your house. One of the biggest dangers in storms is outdoor landscaping. Oversized plants have a tendency to fall on homes, or crash through windows, so be sure to cable trees and bushes that run the risk of falling.

Preparing Your Family

In a disaster, it is sometimes easy to become lost from family. Create a plan with your family, including a place where you all can meet if one of you get separated. This is especially vital for those who have children. Help younger children understand basic first aid principles in case of a minor injury. They should also be shown safe hiding places within the home, as well as where emergency supplies and food are, should parents or adults within the home be harmed and unable to help care for them.

Preparing Yourself

Since there is usually not enough time during a disaster to gather supplies, it is vital that you use time wisely before the emergency occurs. Putting away non-perishable foods that can be easily made without electricity, and a small gas oven can be very helpful. Items like water, batteries, tarps, and matches are some of the first things to disappear from stores when disasters occur, so set these and other items aside beforehand to make sure that you have them available.

There is no need to fear disasters if you and your family have adequately prepped beforehand. Take time now to get acquainted with your emergency supplies and plans.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer, recent graduate from the University of New Mexico, and avid runner. She loves to blog about fitness, health, home and family. Contact her via twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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  • August 27, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Educational post. Disasters are not predicted so we should prepared for this with surviving kits. In the above post you have shared such a great ways to save our essentials. Leak repair is vital to reduce the roof and gutter problems which is helpful at disaster time. Thanks for sharing this post.


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