Don’t Give an Intruder Even a Chance

Don’t give an intruder even a chance.

To begin with, protection of your own home is a number one priority. The famous saying “My home is my castle” exists for a reason, right? During a lifetime we spend a lot of time and energy on the creation or improvement of home. Let’s admit, each of us has dreamt billions of time how our own “nest” will look like. Nevertheless, every “nest” must be protected from other “birds”.


Modern security systems allow you to resolve this difficult issue completely. The composition of these systems includes not only secure locks and door intercommunication system, but also monitoring devices like cameras. To make your home “smart” and safe is absolutely necessary.


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All elements of the security systems are designed not only to protect your life and property, but also save you and your beloved ones from unnecessary emotions or bad experience. Tranquility and comfort of your home does not begin with stylish and comfortable furniture, the essential is a reliable protection from undesirable invasions on your property. Security systems is a general concept that includes both alarm and video surveillance systems and access control devices. All of these systems are provided for the personal safety and the safety the business, for instance, protecting against theft. Protection system security today is very important in our time is not easy, when any property may be jeopardized to risk. Today, security is popular almost everywhere: in cottages, in houses, inside of apartments and commercial. What important is each of these systems can be used both alone and in combination with other protection systems, thereby increasing its efficiency.


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Be wise and don’t spread information about your leaving for a vacation on your social media pages. Certainly, it’s pleasant to boast about vacation in Spain or Maldives, anyhow, this may be a wake up call for thieves, who will be glad to enjoy your apartment or house, while you enjoy a vacation.


As a measure of precaution, make an extra key or several keys and give them to the persons you completely trust, like mother, or sister or the best friend, and put another key in the bank box.


Pay attention to the details, a thief may calculate if you are not home, by uncut grass in front of your house, or by fresh newspaper. As an option, you may buy a dog or a parrot and teach him several easy words, this alive “alert system” won’t let you down for sure. However, ask neighbor or friend to come and feed your pet and to collect e-mail, newspaper and to check if everything is ok inside the house of apartment.


Nota bene!

One should remember that security system works both ways; what I mean here is that security system instead of thief may find out and trap your close ones. For instance, if your friend came to take your e-mail and accidentally does something wrong – system may take him for a criminal and activate the measures of absolute necessity, like electroshock web. The less what may happen is injury and offended friend may to sue the producer of security system.


Security system is necessary thing in house or apartment, nevertheless one must take into consideration all possible consequences of its usage. Protect yourself and don’t do much harm.


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