Doomsday Basics: Prepare Your Vehicle

While many may assume that after the lights go out, all human technology will be obsolete – this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, even though refrigerators and toaster ovens won’t help you warm your food, you’re still going to use a lot of manmade tools when you’re fighting zombies – not least of which is the automobile. Even though cars won’t be in production after the apocalypse, there still going to be one of the most useful tools you will be using on a daily basis if you’re lucky enough to survive past the doomsday event. Along with learning as much as you can about automotive maintenance in general (keep printed books,) here are a few basic alterations and additions you can make to your vehicle in preparation for the doomsday even.

Manual Fuel Pump

As we already know in our current lives, if you don’t feed the best – it won’t do the work. You are going to need to refuel your vehicle even after the gas station attendant is long gone and money has no value. Fear not, there will be lots and lots of gas stations with fuel still left under the ground in their holding tanks that you can scrounge for spare fuel. The one thing you’ll need is a solid hand powered manual fuel pump. These can be obtained pretty cheaply, for as low as 25 bucks in fact. If possible, try to find one will a very long intake tube for those almost empty tanks you’ll be scrounging from. If you can’t find one, you can always add on some manual hose extension later. Just think of everywhere you’re going to want to travel after the doomsday – through the wilderness hunting game, across broken streets in search of medicine… You can’t do any of that effectively without a vehicle, and you can run a vehicle without fuel.

Skid Plates

There are any number of awesome Off Road accessories we could profile in this post, all of which will be useful after the apocalypse. For the purposes of unique ides though, we’re going to stick to ones that have the most relevant doomsday specific effectiveness. For example, vehicle skid plates are going to help you immensely in a zombie chase situation. Even if your car is heavily armored with steel bars so zombies can’t get in, if you’re in a mob of hundreds of them – you’re not going anywhere at all. Even a well equipped truck or SUV will get quickly bogged down as masses of soft tissue jam in the intricate working parts of the undercarriage. This is where you’re resident vehicle skid plates are going to come in handy! Skid plates protect the undercarriage of your truck, hoisting the vehicle’s center above zombie flesh like a snowboard through fresh powder. This leave your tires free to gain traction amongst the carnage, and push your vehicle onward.

Roll Cage

A good roll cage is as simple as asking yourself whether or not you want your vehicle to be totaled every time it tips over. Yeah, that’s right – when a typical vehicle tips or “rolls” on its side, even at a very low speed, it is often totaled due to the body damage from the vehicle’s own weight. Pressing in on itself. The only answer to this is a quality roll cage, one that’ custom fitted to your truck or SUV. Don’t expect to be able to install one of these too easily after the power goes out either, so act now with heavy duty vehicle modification like this one. Bonus – a roll cage is like the basic building block for an entire cage you can add on to keep zombies out… Couple this with your skid plates, and you’ll ford your way through even the densest zombie mob!


These are just a few of the many vehicle modifications you can make that will ultimately help you after the doomsday. Think about your unique natural and manmade surroundings to perfect the vehicle that will benefit you the most. Sure, everybody would be best off in a military grad tank – but isn’t that over the line? Maybe not…

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