Doomsday Preppers – A Prepper’s perspective

by Shane White

When I heard that National Geographic Channel had a show about preppers and prepping, I was both excited and concerned. I was excited because as a visual learner, I would get to see real people prepping and see what their prepping plans were. I was a little bit concerned because the media tends to poke fun at people who try to be self-reliant and look at the world and see that there is a good chance that everything can and often does fall apart.

Doomsday Preppers/Doomsday Preppers UK does a pretty good job of introducing several preppers and some of the things that they are preparing for. I found it interesting seeing the different ways that people prepare considering specific disasters. I also liked the system in which Doomsday Preppers rates their preparations against these disasters and gives them advice to help them improve their own preparations.

On the down side, it was pretty clear to me that since each prepper was only on for about twelve minutes, there was much that was left out of their plans. I felt that the introductions in many cases were far too brief. I wanted to know more about what these people were doing to be ready for the end of the world as we know it. I suppose that is one of the restrictions of a television show.

National Geographic Channel is using Doomsday Preppers to introduce the world of prepping to many people who have really never heard of preppers. Many of these scenarios were short, but still with good information and ideas. The main thing they did which is critically important these days is to promote awareness. People see the world is changing and many of them before Doomsday Preppers really had no idea that they should even consider putting aside some food “just in case.” Whether you like the show or not, you have to admit that they are encouraging prepping and that is a good thing. There is no way that I can afford to feed everybody.

Initially, I was concerned that the people on the show were exposing all their weaknesses. After some thought and interviewing one prepper that was on the show, I realized that the people on the show were only showing us what they wanted us to see and were really on the show because they care and want others to understand the importance of prepping.

Keep up the good work, National Geographic! I look forward to seeing more.

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