Effective Pest Control of Indoor Spiders


Killing a spider seems like an easy task, but is it really? You’ll be surprised to find out just how ineffective pesticides can be if you’re using any. The secret to getting rid of spiders is to know their nature. Here in this article we explain what methods work effectively against indoor spiders. Read along.

Why pesticides won’t work

The thing about spiders is that they are not like other insects. In fact they are not really insects, they are arachnids. So, unlike flies and ants that clean themselves using their mouth, spiders do not groom themselves, at least not routinely. They may resort to this if there is something stuck to them like a huge particle. What’s more, spiders do not touch surfaces, as they “walk”, with their bellies. It’s only their feet that actually touch the ground, ceiling or wall.

So if you want to kill a spider, the best way is to do it directly. Attack it with a shoe, newspaper or a direct spray – whatever weapon you have at hand. However, this can only work if there aren’t many spiders in the house.

Reduce bugs in the house

The best way to deal with spiders is to get rid of the things that attract them. As you probably know, spiders are predators. Yes, they feed on other insects. So, if you want to keep them less interested in your house, you should keep other bugs at minimum. What you may not know is that spiders usually hang around lights because lights attract other insects that spiders can consume. Thus—

Keep outdoor lights turned off at night

And just to make it clear – spiders will not feel “invited” to your house when the lights are on, but other bugs will and this will attract spiders.

Patch holes and cracks up

Another great way to keep spiders out of your house is to patch every crack in your house up that spiders can use to find their way onto the premises. Window screens are of greatest concern here. Make sure you replace every window screen which is damaged or torn.

In addition, use caulk around electrical components, cables, wires and faucets, as they are connected with what’s going on outside and can be the means for spiders to enter your home.

But apart from this, how do you deal with spiders (directly) once they are already sharing your home with you?

Add some glue to it

House spiders and jumping spider dwell on the ground. A great way to deal with them is to set glue traps out. You can use glue boards. Just make sure you place them next to doors and windows, beneath furniture and in dark corners where spiders are most likely to dwell. Another thing that will attract spiders to the glue trap is a bug glued to it.

The best way to make this work is to pay attention to spiders’ common traffic patterns. If you know where they usually dwell and which “paths” they use, this trap can be very effective.

Keep your house clean and tidy

Spiders hide out in different places. The more messy your house is, the more places to hide out in. Which means you should keep clutter at minimum. Never lave leftover food on the table or on the sink. Make sure you sweep the floor after each meal to remove food crumbs that attract other insects such as ants, are saying from Pt Maintenance. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink for too long.

Additionally, be sure to wipe down counters and shelves regularly, sweep or vacuum the floor and never leave piles of dirty clothes on the floor. Remember: the cleaner the house is, the better.

Written by a writer who wished to remain anonymous.

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  • November 6, 2014 at 2:34 am

    There are also natural spider predatorss. In Iowa we have these things I call spider bugs they look somewhat like a centipede (but arent) and they eat spiders. I think we get them from having a natural stone basement.


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