Emergency Kit: 5 Items To Keep In Your Trunk for a Hairy Situation

trunk emergency kit

It is impossible to guess when something may happen on the road. Many people overestimate their luck, and they are left without the means to handle an emergency. You should not just think of accidents. Engine failure, fires, flat tires and weather-related problems, such as being stuck in a blizzard, are among the possible serious situations you could encounter. Stay prepared and bring emergency items with you.

Automobile Fire Extinguisher

Engine fires happen more than you might think. Choose a fire extinguisher made for automobile fires. These extinguishers are compact and made to put out fires caused by electrical shorts or flammable fuels. Check their pressure once a month and read the owner’s manual on proper usage and storage. Quickly extinguishing a fire may prevent your car from being a total loss or may even save a life.

First Aid Kit

Think about the worst automobile emergencies when choosing your kit. Many first aid kits contain a few adhesive bandages and ointments and have little value pertaining to real emergencies. Wounds that only require a small adhesive bandage are not that serious. Some products your kit should contain includes burn gel, gauze bandages, medical tape, medical scissors, chemical hot/cold packs, sterile wound cleanser, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, medical gloves, and hand sanitizer. You cannot always count on the timely arrival of medical help. With a good first aid kit in your trunk, you will at least have some ways to get things more under control when needed.

Jumper Cables

A dead battery can often be brought back to life with a jump-start from another car. This requires jumper cables, however, and you should not rely on others to have them in their car. Jumper cable are really inexpensive and can save you a headache if you just carry them in your car at all time. If you find yourself using them too often on your own battery you should consider buying a new one or have an expert take a look at your.

Tire Inflator

There are several brands of emergency tire inflators that can work in any situation. They come in a set of electric pump and sealant and will inflate your tire and seal the hole in most cases. This gives you time to get home or to a repair shop rather than waiting by the side of the road or changing the tire yourself. If this fails you can make sure to have a spare tire that you can find at places like an auto salvage as they are sure to have spare tires for your model.


If your car breaks down or you are stuck on a highway in a winter storm, a warm blanket can be a lifesaver, literally. Choose thick thermal materials or even a sleeping bag just in case. Place the blanket in a plastic tote to keep it clean and dry.

It is helpful to imagine automobile emergency scenarios ahead of time. This way you already have a plan for the right steps to take. While you cannot know when or if something might happen, you can at least be prepared, just in case.

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