Emergency Lighting: Stay out of the Dark When the Lights go Out

Whether it’s from a powerful storm or a blown transformer, blackouts occur often and unexpectedly. It’s best to prepare your home for an emergency blackout now by stocking up on different types of emergency lighting. Here are some great ideas for emergency lighting if you’re unsure of where to start looking.

LED Camping Lanterns

When you start to prepare your home for an emergency loss of power, LED lanterns should be one of the first items you buy. LED lanterns provide you with many benefits. They’re lightweight and mobile, allowing you to move them throughout your home as needed. LED lanterns are also highly affordable and are safer to use than lanterns that require kerosene to fuel a wick. LED lanterns produce a brighter light than kerosene lanterns, providing you with a safer range of vision while you navigate your home or property in the dark.

Work Light

Commercial grade work lights are the standard form of lighting for many professionals who work outside and in the repair service industries. Work lights are designed to be bright, precise, and durable in rough conditions. There are different types of work lights that provide various benefits, depending on the type of work for which they’re needed. The best type of commercial grade work light can able to be utilized in any situation. Some are even attached to a stand that remain stationary and produce a bright light in a large cone for a wide range of illumination.

LED Flashlight

LEDNo home emergency kit is complete without a handheld flashlight. While flashlights of the past use incandescent bulbs, which damage or burn out quickly, newer flashlights use LED bulbs. These bulbs produce a bright light and use less battery power than their incandescent counterparts.

Wind-Up Lights

Modern technology has created emergency lights that do not require a change of batteries. Wind-up lights possess a battery that can be recharged by using a winding mechanism attached to the light. This type of light is perfect in an emergency, are lightweight, and possess powerful LED bulbs for a bright and crisp light.

While there are many types of emergency lights that can be purchased and used during a loss of electricity, it is always a good idea to have some type of portable generator in your home for other necessities. If you have a family member who requires the daily use of medical equipment, it is vital that you invest in a portable generator to keep their equipment running during blackouts.




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