Emergency Preparedness: The Must Haves

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No matter if you are preparing for the end of the world, or for the next natural disaster in your area, there are a few useful things that everybody needs. Before disaster strikes, make sure to get together the things you need to ensure success in these situations. To fully prepare for emergency situations, start planning now and build your resources.

A survival kit

Every member that lives in your home should either have a kit of their own. These kits differ from person to person in what they need, but there are a few general items that every emergency pack should include. Be sure to fill these, and then put them in a convenient location that you can grab on the go if necessary. Some of the most basic necessities include:

  • Water – you can’t do anything without a reliable source of water. You will need a gallon per person per day, plan accordingly. It is wise to have at least a week’s worth of water.
  • Food – besides water, food is one of the next most important things to put in the pack. The food you put inside should be easy non-perishable and easy to have no matter if resources are lost.
  • A radio that runs either by a hand-crank or battery power.
  • Everybody’s needs when it comes to medications are different. Have at least a week’s supply of the medications and other medical equipment that you may need.
  • A little extra cash
  • Tools such as knives, a lighter, and scissors
  • Extra batteries
  • Copies of personal documents

You should have a kit like this in your home, and if possible another in your car. Disasters are unpredictable. You may not be close to home when the worst hits. By keeping one in the car, you can ensure you will be safe through these situations.

Products at home

Not everything that you will need should be compacted into a small bag that can be transported in emergency situations. Invest in industrial shelving to keep the items that you will most need in your home, and that can save your life in these terrible circumstances. These will help keep you organized, and make sure everything is in one secure place. Fill these shelves with:

  • Food storage is one of the most critical things to gather before a disaster strikes. This includes water, canned foods, and some type of grains in case of emergency. You should be continually adding and updating to your food storage shelves.
  • Protected bedding is the key to staying warm. If something happens in the dead of winter, and you don’t have access to your furnace, you want to make sure to have bedding protecting you from the cold and moisture. It should be rolled up and placed on your industrial shelves for easy storage.

These are just a few of the items you will need in an emergency situation. Keeping these items together will make it easier to grab, and help you to better survive. Preparing for the end of the world, or just an unexpected natural disaster may take the same course of action. Start planning now, and continue working to give yourself the best supply to work with.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes for www.buymetalshelving.com, a company dealing with personal and warehouse shelving. She has written on other topics dealing with disaster preparedness, focusing on creating an adequate food storage, and maintaining it over the years.

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