Emergency Preparedness: What You Can Do Today to Be Prepared for Disaster

While people may not like to think about it often, a disaster could strike at any moment. A nearby river could flood, a tornado could develop suddenly and a nuclear plant could have a meltdown. No matter what could happen, you need to be ready. Below are six things you can do to prepare for a disaster.

  1. Plan For Disaster NowCreate a First Aid Kit

    During a disaster, you or your family members may become injured. Even worse, you may have no ability to call 9-1-1 or drive to a hospital. This is why having a first aid kit prepared is so important. Stock your first aid kit with things like adhesive bandages, dressings for wounds, antibiotic ointment, cold compresses and more.

  2. Receive Training on How to Remove Hazardous Waste

    Not all disasters are natural. Some are manmade. If this is the case, materials that are radioactive or poisonous may be released into the environment. Keeping your family safe in this situation may require knowing how to safely remove these contaminants from the environment. To do this, you should receive training from the National Environmental Trainers. This can help you prepare to clean up hazardous waste and contaminated sites.

  3. Store Food and Water

    A disaster may result in a family being forced to stay inside their home for a period of days or even weeks without electricity. If this is the case, being able to survive will mean having a cache of food and water. Stock up on water bottles as well as nonperishable food items that have very long shelf lives.

  4. Consider Self Defense

    After a disaster, there may be more threats to your family than just bad weather or the environment. There could be rioting, roving mobs or worse. Consider your options for self-defense including the possibility of purchasing a firearm.

  5. Stay Alert

    While a disaster could strike at any moment, in most cases, they don’t come without warning. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters like severe weather, consider investing in a weather radio to help you track bad storms as they develop. This way, you can take steps to protect your family and property before it’s too late.

  6. Make a Plan

    Lastly, you need to have a plan. Develop a plan for what each member of your family should do during an emergency and go over it with them more than once. This way, there will be less panic and mistakes made during a worst case scenario.



While most people don’t like to think about the worst that can happen, it is a very good idea to do so and prepare. If it helps protect your family from harm, it will always be worth the extra effort.


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