Emergency Survival Tips

If you live in a natural disaster prone area, then chances are you may find yourself—at one point or another—needing some advice on how to survive while help is on its way. This is precisely why I’m writing this; to ensure all of you tornado alley/earthquake fault residents are able to keep things together when the going gets tough; here are a few preventative techniques and survival practices to ensure you can keep on keeping on in any disaster.

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Store Fresh Water

Though this might seem a bit “end of the world preparer” status, keeping fresh water—preferably in bottles—is a fantastic way to make sure you are well-supplied when an earthquake or tornado hits. Unfortunately, one of the most sensitive parts of any city’s ecosystem is the water supply, and you may find yourself without running water if the disaster is bad enough. So, if you have your own fresh water, stored in a cellar or even your attic, you may find things a bit easier to deal with while the disaster is underway.

Get a Survival Kit

In the eventuality that fresh water is cut off, there are going to be other problems too. For instance, plumbing will be completely out of order, food may be difficult to come by and, unfortunately, there probably won’t be much in the way of electricity, at least for a while. With these things in mind, a survival kit might be a good thing to purchase, as they will come supplied with many different objects that could come in handy during a disaster of this magnitude.

From “honey pots”, to flashlights, to first aid kits, survival kits offer a ton that could make your post-disaster life quite a bit easier, so try to get one of these before it’s too late.

Stock up on Batteries

Again, if the disaster you survive knocks out the water, more than likely you won’t have electricity, and you can’t be sure how long this will last. To help counteract the danger of this, make sure you have an emergency set of batteries, and appliances that are battery powered (i.e. flashlights, radios, etc.). This way, you won’t need to worry as much about the lack of electricity, and you will be able to hold on just a bit longer.

Store Non-Perishable Food

Non-perishable food is probably the most important thing you could have in the event of a natural catastrophe, as you could be losing electricity—causing your refrigerated food to spoil. The fact is, without food, you won’t have energy, and you might not have the power to help with relief efforts or even stay alive. With non-perishable food, you can keep all of those problems at bay. Here are a few tips on how to store your food.

Now, the likelihood of a natural disaster of this magnitude—that you would need all of this—is not very high; however, do you want to be caught off guard? If not, then follow these directions, and keep safe. You’ll thank me later, we guarantee it.

Tyler Fleck is a multi-purpose blogger who writes about many different subjects, from survival to health to fitness and more; however, this particular post was written on the behalf of SurvivalGearPacks. For more interesting blogs about survival, or if you are looking for some survival kits for sale, visit their website.

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