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Scheduling Hunting Trips? 4 Pieces of Equipment to Get for Your Dog during Hunts

A hunting trip with your best friend can be a great way to bond and get some time outdoors, but taking a trip can also be a very stressful thing for both you and your dog. This list of essential equipment for hunting dogs will make any trip with your best friend more enjoyable and relaxing for everyone.

Tracking Dog Collar

When you are out in woods or fields, it can be easy to lose track of your dog, even with the best-trained pooches. Thankfully, we live in an age where anything is possible through technology, and that also means keeping track of our dogs. There are many choices of tracking dog collars on that market that allow you to easily monitor and find your dog out in nature.

Food and Bowls

While this may technically be multiple items, they all go together so well it only makes sense to put them in one. A major upset to your dog can be changing their food while you’re on a hunting trip. This can do quite the number to their digestive system, and make them feel bad and perform poorly. Make sure you bring plenty of your dog’s regular food with you, as well as water and travel bowls. If you are in a pinch, you can grab bowls with lids from home, but you can also find a wide selection of travel dog bowls to fit any need or trip.

Dog Whistle

Just knowing where your dog is outdoors may not always be enough. If he is hot on the trail of something or too far away, he may not even be able to hear your voice. One of the most important tools to ease troubled minds on any hunting or outdoor trip with your pet is a dog whistle. A dog whistle may old-school technology, but it is a tried and true method to get your dog’s attention and can carry farther than the human voice.

First Aid Kit for Dogs

When you’re out on the hunt, anything can happen and it is best to be prepared for what you can. First aid kits for humans have become a standard for any hunter or outdoor enthusiast. What is less common yet equally important is a first aid kit for dogs.

Make sure you are ready for anything. Bring this essential gear for hunting dogs on your next trip.

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