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4 Essential Forest Survival Tools

In a doomsday situation, getting to a forest and setting up camp is often one of your best options. In forests, there will be shelter, food and fuel readily available. However, surviving in a a forest presents a different set of challenges compared to other environments. Although you may have trees for shelter, it is likely that you will be sharing the area with wildlife, some of which may not be friendly. You will need to be careful where you light fires, especially if the forest is very dense and the weather is hot. Here are four essential forest survival tools that you can keep in your backpack and are invaluable if a doomsday situation arises. 

A Folding Spade

Folding spades with collapsible handles generally come with a small carrying case, making them easy to store. They are multifunctional, lightweight and useful for a number of situations. The first is burying human waste. Do bears go in the woods? Yes, and so do people if they are forced to outlast a doomsday situation by setting up camp in a forest. It is important to bury your own waste so as not to attract wild animals and even other people. When you go to the toilet, dig a hole first and bury your waste when you are finished. The second use of your spade is to bury supplies. Sometimes it is handy to have a stash that you can come back to at a later date. It may be a few tinned items, first aid kit, or fire-starting equipment. You never know when you’re going to need it! 

A Large Kukri Knife or Hatchet

The right knife can save your life. Firstly you will need your knife to cut kindling and fuel for your fire to keep you warm. You can use a kukri for splitting wood easily, which there will be plenty of in the forest. Secondly, if you are supplementing your diet with small animals, pigeons, squirrels and rabbits, then your knife will be perfect for skinning, boning and removing any parts you don’t wish to eat before cooking. Although a knife is a very simple tool, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to use. Make sure that you practice your knife skills regularly, so that you are ready for any doomsday situation. 

Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash

A Backpacker Hammock

A hammock isn’t just for sleeping in, and in apocalyptic situations, they offer several functions. It can also be used to construct a shelter for protecting yourself against the elements. In extreme weather situations a hammock for shade and to block out the wind and rain can be a lifesaver. Backpacker hammocks are lightweight and have the added advantage of folding down quickly and easily, making them essential if you are in a hurry to leave.

A Bow and Drill Fire Friction Set

You need to be able to start a fire in order to keep warm and also to cook food in a doomsday situation. If you are out in the wilderness, you may want to use butane and a lighter to get this going, but in a dense, dry forest situation, it may not be safe. A bow and drill friction set can get a small, controlled fire going easily and quickly without being uncontrollable.

Prepare your essential forest tools now and have your backpack ready. All you need to do then is grab your bag and head on your way if there is an emergency.

Written by Jennifer Dooley

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