Essential Items and Supplies for Emergency Situations

In the world of multiplying natural and man-made disasters, you never know when and where you may face a crisis situation that calls for some trusty emergency supplies. At times when the going gets tough, a carefully compiled emergency kit may well save your or your companion’s life, so don’t put off your crisis supply stack assembly any longer – after all, it takes just a wrong turn on the road and not a full-scale apocalypse to land you in an off-grid place with no trace of civilization in sight.

A life-saving liquid supply: Water, and plenty of it

The most important point on your emergency kit list, a hefty H2O supply is more likely to save a human life in a lengthy emergency situation than anything else. It takes a human being up to three days to die of dehydration, so you’d definitely better stay on the safe than waterless side. The best way to store your emergency water supply is to pour H2O into strong portable jugs, place them in a cold place and keep the supplies growing by fresh additions whenever possible.

A safe place to crash: Emergency shelters and tents

One more vital point on the emergency gear list, prefabricated shelters will keep you and your companions safe from the elements and predators in case something goes wrong big time on your outdoor adventure. A stackable emergency shelter or a reinforced tent can help you get the much-needed safety spot and a decent shuteye in case of several days’ long crisis out in the wild. When choosing your portable home for an odd bout of ill fate, look for rugged, rubber-coated exteriors with mesh fabric entryways, portable/foldable designs and roomy, well-insulated interiors to get maximum security from unfavorable weather conditions, wild animals and other creepy crawlers that may decide to hang out with you without your consent.

Fuel for the body: Food supplies for crisis situations

Though a human being can survive up to three weeks without food, you should not risk starvation in case of an emergency. When compiling your crisis response kit, make sure you include lots of dried and canned food with a lengthy expiry date and undemanding storage specs temperature-wise. Dried fruit is particularly useful as it contains critical nutrients the body needs to stay functional in the face of raging elements or a natural disaster. When buying your crisis food supply, look for dried beans, rice, grains and similar non-perishable grubs to keep your belly full in periods of prolonged deprivation from regular diet.

Keep looking for help: Fuel supply in times of need

In case you get stuck in a middle of nowhere with your tank empty and not a living soul in sight, a spare fuel container onboard will probably be an invaluable asset. Even in regular conditions with no apocalyptic prospects on the horizon, a topped-up diesel tank will come in handy in case you run out of fuel with the local gas station temporarily out of order. In case of a flashing flood or fast-spreading forest fire, an extra gas container ready for a quick refill of your car fuel tank guarantees a speedy escape and salvation, so don’t forget to include it in your emergency kit.

Times of trial and injury: First aid kit and basic tools

Another must-have for an emergency scenario, a first aid kit with all the vital medical bits and pieces is an item you should always have at hand around the house, garage and car. Remember: a small cut infected with nasty bacteria can have a fatal outcome if left untreated, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Similarly, a basic tool kit like a Swiss army knife should stay within reach at all times when taking a leisurely walk at night, to say nothing of full-scale disasters when tools can stretch your survival time by weeks and even months.

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  • June 16, 2015 at 8:24 am

    Two things I hoard: Nutritional supplements (Vitamins +herbals, probotics) and sugar. Worst case scenario, I would still survive on wild edible plants,roots, berries, rose-hips and pine needle tea and small game.


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