Essential Medical Kit For The End of The World


The End of the World is fast approaching, are you prepared? Have you got you essential medical kit all packed and ready to go? Here are a number of medical supplies that you may need when doomsday arrives. Since we cannot be certain of the exact situation we will be put in, it’s best to prepare for all of the worst case scenario.


As a precautionary measure it would be good to take a first-aid class if you don’t already have basic first-aid skills. What you learn is sure come in handy if there are not any hospitals or doctors available. If people have to fend for themselves you could become an almost pseudo-doctor in the absence of a trained professional, you could even offer your medical services in exchange for food or other important items. What will you need to step up as a pseudo-doctor? Here are some suggestions of what you should put into your essential end of the world medical kit.


What container to put your kit in?


First Aid KitIt would be ideal to store your medical essentials in a very durable, waterproof box. This is to stop all your preparation going to waste. You can buy a specific container for it or alternatively you could use a container you already have in the house such as an old school lunch box or one of those Tupperware boxes you have in the kitchen cupboards.


Pain Killers


This one is a given, you don’t know what will happen on doomsday it’s best to be prepared. These can be used for injuries and general ailments.


Antiseptic Cream


If you find yourself with any lacerations or grazes you will need to disinfect the wound but if you don’t have any of this around Alcohol is a good substitute. I suggest vodka as it is purer than other spirits and does the job well whilst being able to give you some dutch courage.


Antihistamine/Epi Pen


Don’t let your allergies stand in the way of your survival. Even if you don’t have any known allergies, I would still recommend packing some antihistamine because you don’t know what foreign substances may enter our atmosphere. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Wandering around lost outside also makes it more likely that something bites or stings you compared to the risk whilst sat in your comfortable computer chair right now.




Chloroform can be used as an anesthetic, if someone close to you has hurt themselves badly, you can put them to under whilst you treat the problem.




Use these to treat sprains or cuts. You could even fashion them into a sling if you need one. They are a must have for any doomsday medical kit.




Scissors have multiple uses. You may need them for cutting bandages, rope or as a surgical tool / weapon. You could substitute this for a Swiss Army Knife.




Be sure to pack a supply of any prescribed medication you require. Some of you may face death if you run out so pretending to lose a few packs here and there to build up a supply and get more prescriptions from your doc might not be a bad idea. Remember your private medical insurance won’t pay out after doomsday so what you have now is all you’ll have … forever.




You may struggle to find shelter and have to spend a lot of time in the sun, the last thing you need is nasty, red, peeling skin. Pack some sunscreen to avoid this.




Can be used instead of stitches when sealing an open wound. It can also be useful when it comes to repairing anything else you are carrying on your person. Superglued shoes that are coming apart at the sole can often last another year or more.




Another item to pack into your kit is alcohol because it can be used as a disinfectant if you run out of antiseptic cream or for any other internal uses.


Head Torch

You may need to treat yourself or others around you in the darkness a head torch would come in very handy.





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