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A theme of a doomsday has become quite popular especially nowadays when we may see many TV-series on this particular topic, zombie apocalypse etc. lately. Almost each year, there are rumors about the end of the world and prognosis on when it is going to happen. Repeatedly again, these rumors fail and everyone forgets about it until next time. Nevertheless, it is important to be prepared for anything in general and doomsday to come in particular. To be prepared means to obtain certain knowledge upon this matter, knowledge and skills.


It is similar to being able to give the first aid and have a medicine box with you. Speaking of the TV-series, it might be useful to watch some to get oneself ready and see for oneself what might be in use under circumstances like those. In addition, you will be able to offer your medical help in exchange for food or else. To give the first aid is one of the essential skills you will need to survive yourself and to help others. Among the rest, to be able to start a fire, to know at least a few ways how to do that, to build a shelter, to hunt, to get clean drinkable water, to gather food, speaking of which it is important to know which mushrooms and berries are edible, for instance. Along with hunting, one should know how to create traps and how to cook right to avoid diseases and bacteria.


People depend upon electricity and the ability to generate it is highly important and valuable. Communication, cooking and heating are those areas where it is impossible to go without electricity. Also, it would be good if you had an understanding of how to consume and what insects are to consume. This is a technique of survival and one of the most important ones of all time. Insects contain protein and it takes nothing to prepare them. Moreover, one should know how to handle a weapon. To be able to shoot and clean the weapon is a crucial skill too. Think tactically otherwise you do not belong to survivalists.


Start preparing yourself now by refusing to eat fast food, by physical activity and, of course, getting knowledge and skills you will need in case of emergency situations like catastrophes, apocalypses or else. How to shoot a gun or a crossbow, how to drive a car, how to pick edible stuff in the woods will come in useful when the time comes even though it would be better if anything od the kind never happened. One cannot be too careful, you know.


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