4 Essentials Every Prepper Needs to Keep Their Home Safe

Are you prepared for when natural disasters hit your home? With natural disasters having recently devastated the Caribbean and the American South, you may be wondering what you need to keep yourself safe if a natural disaster hits your town.

Clean Water

Access to clean water can be literally the difference between life and death in these situations. Before any natural disaster, or other crisis, bottled water is one of the first things that store run out of. Constantly having a supply of bottled water is a cheap an easy step to keep your home safe in times of crisis. An alternative, or supplemental, option would be to get a way of filtering water.

Door LockEnsure the Security of Your House

Check and maintain your locks regularly, so that you and your family are secure even if law enforcement is unavailable during a crisis. Crime and looting are often widespread during a natural disaster. Some companies, like A Carolina Locksmith, know that ensuring that your locks work and can be relied upon to keep you safe is an easy method to prep your home.

Alternative Sources of Lighting

In almost all of these situations, power is the first thing to go. Ensuring that you have ways of seeing once the sun goes down is critical to maintaining your way life during a crisis. This is especially important for a prepper if you have a basement. Candles, lighters, flashlights, and plenty of batteries can help you light your way through any disaster.

Heating and Cooling

In the direct aftermath of many disasters the most deadly threat is often temperature. Hypothermia and overheating can become as deadly as dehydration. Therefore things like wood or coal burning stoves and fuel as well as things like fans or air conditions and power are musts for any prepper who may be stranded without electricity for a while. Ensuring temperature is eliminated as a threat to the well-being of yourself and your family can be done merely by acquiring the basic equipment needed for heating and cooling your home.

Remember, these four items are just the essentials. When it comes to safety, more is better. If you’ve got the money for it, things like backup generators, storm shelters, or having your home storm-proofed are all excellent editions that can ensure you and your family are safe no matter what happens. But everyone should at the very least have these basic essentials that can make all the difference.



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