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Fallout Shelter: 4 Ways to Construct a Safe Haven for Your Family

Having a fallout shelter can give you peace of mind in the event of a disaster. There are lots of ways that you can go about constructing one. Here are just of few of your options when it comes to your choice of fallout shelter materials.

Underground Installations

The most common type of fallout shelter is one in which it’s constructed underground. Some people choose to dig out for a concrete poured shelter. There are even more tailor designed metal installations that you can use. When you’re building underground, make sure that you’re taking the lay of the land into consideration. For example, incorporating a hillside into your design may eliminate some of the workload that’s involved in the process.

Cinderblock Options

The use of cinderblock is another common type of building material for fallout shelters. It can impart the same amount of protection as concrete, but it’s easier to construct without professional assistance. This is because you can work with it in phases instead of having to get it done in one shot. Take the time to ensure that your courses are level and secure before moving on with the shelter. You want to have a structure that will last.

Metal Construction

Fallout Shelter

Using sheet metal to construct your fallout shelter is another option. This will also allow you to build it in a more systematic approach. For instance, sheet metal from metal fabricators may be easier to transport than some of your other options. This is because of the weight of the material allowing you to use your personal vehicle. Another bonus is that you’ll be able to weld the seams together and have an impenetrable barrier to the elements. You may even find that your structure will last better over the years.

Ready Built

There are companies that can bring in a ready built fallout shelter to install on your property. They can be installed underground or above ground, depending on your requirements. Another popular option is through the use of metal shipping containers. These types of installations can be readily adapted for the needs of your family. The only thing that you’ll need to worry about is outfitting the interior and ensuring that you have enough supplies on hand.

Constructing a safe haven for your family doesn’t need to be an affair that takes over all of your attention. Consider these choices of material if you want to build a fallout shelter in order to keep your family safe.

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