Family Plan: How to Make Sure You’re Prepared for a Fire

Although many households are prepared for a natural disaster, fires are often a second thought when it comes to getting the right equipment. To keep your family safe and know what steps to take with the event, there are a few ways to prepare ahead of time. By having a plan established and using the right fire safety equipment, it can work to save the lives of residents in the home and reduce the amount of damage that occurs.



Keep Fire Extinguishers on Hand

Caution Fire

Fire extinguishers should be used in a fire, and located in key areas of the home that are easy to access. Although the extinguisher may not put the entire fire out, it can still be used when trying to exit the home, and keep the fire at bay. Keep an extinguisher in each room of the home and review how to use it at least once a year.


Create an Escape Route

An escape plan should be established and practiced in the event of a fire. Residents in the home should review the escape route every six months and practice crawling low while moving towards different exits to escape the house. For residents who are on second or third levels of the home, emergency escape ladders should be available to reach the ground level outdoors. Residents should practice deploying the product and practice using it to become familiar with the item if a fire occurs.


Delegate Different Tasks

Different residents in the home should be responsible for caring for pets or elders who are unable to care for themselves in the event of a fire. A first aid supplier in Kam Loops, Nutech Safety Ltd, suggests assigning different members of the home to each person who will need assistance to ensure everyone escapes the home safely and is not left behind.


Choose an Outside Place to Meet

To get a head count of who makes it out of the home if a fire occurs, it’s important to choose a place to meet for each resident. This will make it easy to know who is safe, and who may still be left in the building.


With over 14,000 people injured in a home fire each year, it’s important to prepare for the disaster, and review what steps to take every six months. It will work to equip each resident in the home both mentally and physically to ensure they increase their chances of escaping the property safely.


Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She writes for many online publications and blogs about home improvements, family, and health. She is an avid hiker, biker and runner. Contact her via twitter @BrookeChaplan.


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