Five Essential Foods for Apocalypse Survival

 Survivalism is all about being prepared for the worst. This means that you have plans for what you will do if there is a terrible natural disaster, an outbreak of pandemic disease, a war on home soil or a breakdown of social order.


Survivalists plan for such events by mapping out escape routes to safe locations, by building bomb-proof bunkers, by keeping stocks of medicine and water in case it no longer becomes easily available. Food is of course another essential consideration in the face of any apocalyptic occurrence, but which foods should you keep stored up, just in case?


There are a number of things to consider when choosing your emergency rations. They should cater for all your nutritional needs to help keep you healthy wherever you are holed up. They should provide you with plenty of energy, as you may need to defend yourself and to be able to flee if you’re in real danger. You should be able to keep this food for months or even years without it perishing, and if possible it should taste good!

Food Storage

With all of these considerations in mind here is a list of five essential foods for apocalypse survival:


  1. Rice

    Rice is cheap so you should be able to afford plenty of it and if stored correctly it can last for up to 10 years. It is perhaps a little bland and of course is limited nutritionally but it is a great staple food which will fill you up and give you energy. It can also be combined with other foods and flavours to create delicious dishes, whether you’re sat around the dining table or in a nuclear shelter.

  2. Protein bars

    Protein bars also store pretty well – usually for up to a year – and, as the name suggests, they provide valuable protein as well as plenty of calories, plus vitamins and minerals. A variety of flavours are available such as cookie dough and these bars are compact so you can store a large amount.

  3. Canned food

    Cans are perfect for survivalists who want to stock up on all kinds of food. This storage option gives you over five years to work your way through as much meat, fruit and vegetables as you have bought. This is therefore a fantastic way to achieve a balanced diet, wherever you have escaped to.

  4. Sugary candy

    If you are living a survivalist’s lifestyle you will also need quick bursts of energy, so it is a good idea to stock up on candy. Hard candy is a good choice because it will keep for a long time and provide you with some sweet treats, which you will be sure to miss if you are away from cake, cookies and chocolate for a while.

  5. Trail mix

    Trail mix is an excellent food choice for survivalists as it covers major food groups, therefore offering excellent nutritional value. This combination of fatty, protein filled nuts, raisins and candy is great for energy and can be stored for months at a time.


Sam Butterworth is a writer, an eater and a survivor. He is cautiously prepared for apocalyptic events and looks forward to the chance to start on his 300 cans of chilli.

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