Five Reasons We Are Doomed Financially

Elephant in the RoomEverybody knows that the impending financial collapse of the world is upon us. The frightening thing is that it is currently taking the form of one huge elephant in the room, that no-one wants to discuss. As usual with things that are blatant even to a person who is blind and deaf, everyone will turn a blind eye and then we will have an outcry of mock surprise when the worst finally happens.


That aside, we looked at five of the biggest reasons why we will all soon meet a gruesome financial doom.


  1. The Eurozone Crisis

    Could the Eurozone crisis continue for any longer? One minute Greece are on the verge of going bankrupt, the next they will be okay, then the next day Italy and Spain are also on the cusp of a financial collapse. Quite frankly, and we will visit this in more detail in a wider point, the dithering being shown by the politicians involved will see those countries get exactly what they deserve.

  2. Politicians

    We might as well get this one out of the way now, but the politicians of the world should really hold up their hands and take responsibility for much of what we are now seeing. Perhaps the most ironic, hilarious, and downright ridiculous thing we are hearing from them at the moment is how it is down to the global community to grasp the nettle and start spending again to get their countries moving, all while they sit around and tighten the purse strings. Lots of sense made there!

  3. Lack of Regulation

    Whether it is the banks pleasing themselves, large businesses not paying business tax, or handing money to corrupt regimes in the name of aid, the lack of regulation and policing has been nothing short of disgraceful. Recent reports suggesting that there is trillions of dollars in unpaid taxes hidden away around the world is a sad indictment of Governments, as is the number of corrupt Middle Eastern and African administrations carrying out criminal acts with either money or arms provided by leading global economies previously.

  4. Impetus Initiatives

    Whether it is quantitative easing, printing more money or any other initiative designed to get the economy moving, it simply isn’t working. Money is being released at the top of the food chain, so to speak, and nothing is filtering through to the people at the bottom who could actually use it!

  5. Profit Opportunities

    As long as things such as spread betting and market gambling can continue, people will simply not care about the global state of the economy. If Joe Bloggs can sit on his laptop and make thousands by betting on a commodities crash for himself, what does he care if the rest of the country slides towards the abyss?



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