Five Things Your Family Can Do To Prepare For Disaster

Preparing for a disaster and emergency situation is a great way to protect your family. Learn 5 things your family can do to prepare for a disaster situation so you can know at all times that your family is ready for those ‘just in case’ moments.

Have an escape plan- really

Too often, families discuss which door they will run out of if a fire occurs or a burglar enters the home, but a plan is rarely ever created. Sit down with your family and actually draw out several escape plans for various disaster situations and make a copy for each family member to have in their room. Even with Raleigh home insurance you want to have an escape route just in case.

Your food and monetary storage should last you a while

At all times you should have 3 months’ worth of food and money set aside just in case you need it. Even a job loss is considered a disaster, so make sure you have the money you need to pay bills for 3 months (or to have handy for emergency use). Also, have 3 months’ worth of food and water on hand so your family doesn’t starve in the event of job loss, an earthquake, or other disaster.

Do you have a first aid kit?

This sounds so simple, but too many families have a stock of bandages and peroxide handy and call it good. You need to have a real first aid kit, complete with bandages, gauze, liquid stitches, and more to ensure that you really have what you need ready.

Emergency contacts for those scary moments

Place a list of trusted emergency contacts on your fridge (and notify these people that they have been chosen as well), so your young children can know who to call in case something happens to Mommy or Daddy. In moments of panic, children should know that they can call emergency services first, and then emergency contacts so they do not feel alone.

Equip your car for disaster as well

Disaster situations don’t just happen in the home, they happen in the car as well. Keep a blanket, fresh water, a flare, first aid kit, and other emergency items in your car so in the event of getting lost, running out of gas, or a car accident, you can keep your family safe and warm. You never know when a disaster will strike, and you want to be ready at all times in all areas.

Rianne Hunter, wife and mother of three from Southern California. Rianne enjoys spending time with her family and writing. She hopes to one day publish a children’s book.

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