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Five Ways to Thief-Proof Your Exterior and Landscaping


Burglaries happen every day, and few homes are immune to being observed by potential intruders. The good news is that you can take steps to lower your chances of becoming a burglary victim. One of your first steps should be to make your home’s exterior and landscape less welcoming to burglars.

Have a Security System—And Make It Known

Thieves usually do not want to risk being caught and prefer homes without an alarm system. If they see evidence that you have a residential security system, they will be less likely to even attempt breaking into your home. Post the yard signs you are given from the alarm company prominently around the home’s exterior. Often, you will also have access to adhesive notices you can apply to windows or doors.

Plant Thorny Plants beneath Windows

Thorny bushes or clusters of cacti, planted in just the right spots, deter someone from entering your home through a window. Make sure to plant them close enough together so that there is no space for anyone to navigate around the thorny plants.

Image by da1374 from Pixabay

Keep Shrubbery and Other Plants Trimmed Low

Burglars will take advantage of tall bushes or any other landscape feature that will hide their activities from the street or from your neighbors. Keep this in mind when designing your landscape and trim or remove plants that potentially provide safe harbor for criminals.

Use Exterior Lighting

A well-lit landscape helps prevent nighttime burglaries. To choose and place your lighting well, think like a potential intruder. Motion-detecting lights and solar powered lights are usually best for the landscape, and you need to make sure that side doors, an attached garage and any other potential point of entry will be illuminated upon approach.

Don’t Leave Evidence of Valuable Electronics in Plain Site

If you have just bought a big-ticket item, such as a large television, break down the box it came in and dispose of the box in the lidded trash. Do not place it anywhere in the open where a passerby might notice it. Likewise, if you order an expensive item for delivery, plan to be home when it arrives so it is not left out in the open. For a similar reason, do not leave your drapes open at night as doing so can give burglars a clear view of what might be in your home.

When people fail to follow security tips, it is usually because they feel a crime won’t happen to them. Unfortunately, burglars do not care what a good person you are or that you might have your own financial worries—they just want to steal from you. Securing your home outside and inside is one of the best ways to prevent this.

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