Four Ideas to Make Your House More Damage Proof

Your home is an investment and the last thing you want is to lose your home to a disaster like a hurricane, flood, or fire. You need to take direct action to prevent these risks as well as taking out insurance. Know the dangers in your area and get to know good prevention and emergency plans. You should consider these four ideas to make your house more damage proof and last longer.

Get Reinforced Exterior and Garage Doors

Typical exterior doors aren’t very good at resisting the impact of flying debris or even high winds. Your first step should be to replace any doors leading outside with impact resistant ones. These doors can resist incredibly intense impacts from the heaviest debris thrown around by a storm. They will barely dent, and will almost never break. If you live in a high wind area it’s a great investment and can save you money on heating and cooling if they are properly sealed as well. You should reinforce your garage door as well with kits or even new doors altogether.

Put a Sump Pump in the Home

Water can do more damage to a home than a fire in certain cases, and if you’re area is a risk for flooding, you’ll want to put a sump pump in your home. The pump goes at the lowest point in the house and will turn on when water starts collecting. It will automatically pump the water back outside. A sump pump can prevent water from ruining your home and get you a head start on clearing out a flood. It is usually best to install a backup sump pump just in case there is a problem with the primary unit.

Install Storm Shield Windows

Your windows are a major vulnerability. It is suggested you install storm shield LLC windows all around your house if you live in an area prone to hurricanes. These hurricane windows from Naples FL are made to withstand being hit with fast-moving and heavy pieces of debris even during powerful hurricanes. They will not shatter and send glass all over the inside of your home. Storm shield windows also prevent damage without affecting the appearance too much.

Keep Your Property Free of Debris

An important step to take in any home is to keep your property free of debris. Items like fallen branches, dead trees, and piles of junk can all potentially damage your home in a disaster like a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or could even ignite a fire. You might even have to contend with destructive pests living in junk you have laying around. Always keep your property clean and free from anything that could potentially damage your home.

Properly prepared homes are able to weather storms, hurricanes, and other disasters with minimal to no damage. The amount of time you put into preparing your house will pay off in the end. You should start taking steps today make your home more damage proof and will last you a lifetime.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer, recent graduate from the University of New Mexico, and avid runner. She loves to blog about fitness, health, home and family. Contact her via twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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