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Four Things You Should Have in Your Survival Go-Bag

If you’ve never created a survival go-bag, your first instinct may be to grab things like a cell phone. The fact is, in a true survival situation, you will either already have your everyday carry items, or they will be useless to you.


What you need in your bag are the items that are going to keep you alive until you can get to your bug out location or to other members of your party. Here are three things that should be in your survival go bag to be truly prepared to survive.


Survival Fishing Kit

A survival fishing kit is something you can make or buy. They contain fishing line, a hook, and some type of artificial bait. It can be contained in a small tin and placed in your bag. If you want to step up that kit, you can get a collapsible survival pole. These usually are telescoping fishing rods that collapse to 12 inches or smaller. They have the fishing line, hook, and artificial bait in the handle of the pole.


This will allow you to get fish from area streams, rivers, or lakes and keep yourself fed. Some kits also contain a lighter or matches to help create a fire to cook the fish you catch.

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Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

550 Cord

550 cords, also known as paracord, should be in your survival go bag at all times. You can store it in several different ways, and alongside several different items. For example, the cord can be wrapped around your survival pole, around your fishing kit tin, around the butt of a survival rifle, or in a bundle at the bottom of your bag. One of the main uses for the cord is to help create a shelter by holding up a tarp. You can use the cord in other ways as well, including as a tourniquet, to hold up a hammock if you need to be above ground, or to carry items.


All Purpose Tarp

An all-purpose tarp takes up very little room in your survival bag, but it is a must have for survival. A good tarp can be used at night as a shelter. It can be used as a rain catch as well. In addition to the two main uses for a tarp, you can also use a tarp to hold items or to keep you off the cold ground at night. If you find a suitable shelter, you can use the tarp to cover holes in the shelter and give you a wind and rain barrier.


Survival Rifle and Ammo

There are several companies that have created survival rifles that use 22lr ammo. These rifles can generally fold down and fit on the outside or inside of your survival go bag. The rifles can also store a certain amount of 22lr ammo in the butt of the rifle. You may also want to carry at least two boxes of the 22lr along with a rifle cleaning kit.


Having these four items will ensure you will be able to have food and shelter in an emergency survival situation. You can then use these items once you reach your destination or meet up with your survival group.



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