Four Things That Will Help you be Self-Sufficient in a Disaster

Sand Bags

Everyone wonders what they would do in the event of a natural disaster. Rather than finding the entire family unprepared when faced with natural disaster and subsequent power outages and food shortages, every family should do these four things to ensure that they are well-prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Have Plenty of Food Preparation Options

Every family can remain well-fed during a natural disaster with a little foresight, planning, and effort. Many families should consider making meals ahead of time that can be stored in the freezer and easily reheated. Also, families should keep in mind that gas stoves can be lit even if the power is out. This means that canned foods and frozen foods can be prepared on the stove for as long as there remains gas to power the stove.

Make Sure There Is Running Water

In a disaster situation, there will be a great demand for clean water. Having a working water line coming into the house is of the utmost importance. If a family is concerned about having clean water, they should prepare by keeping large drums of water in the house (usually in the basement or garage) which can be used if, for any reason, the main water line becomes unusable. Ellen Kirk, a specialist from K & S Plumbing Services who works in water line repair in Houston, recommends that a household consider investing in an emergency water tank designed to connect with a home’s water line. These are available in several sizes, and work to provide clean, running water in an emergency situation.

Secure The Home

Securing the home means much more than locking the doors. Every home should have weatherstripping and insulation on all of the windows and doors. If there is a severe heat wave or blizzard and the power goes out, proper insulation will keep the interior of the home liveable. Keeping sandbags on hand is useful in areas prone to flooding, as these will keep both water and hazardous debris away from your property. When using sandbags, arrange in a u-shape, with the inner curve of the ‘u’ facing and sealing in the area you wish to protect.

Establish a Family Plan Before You Need it

Every family must have an emergency plan which allows them to handle dangerous and disastrous situations. Families should create a list of jobs for everyone to do, from locking down the house to locating candles and flash lights, as soon as disaster strikes. When family members know their roles and responsibilities in a potentially dangerous situation, they are less likely to panic and better able to work as a group towards effective self-sufficiency. If a family does not have a plan for dealing with natural disasters, something could easily be forgotten or ill-executed, resulting in a failed disaster management plan and wasted effort.

Emma is a freelance writer from Boston. Her interests include urban survival training and Urbex. In her free time, she enjoys baking, old movies, and indoor rock climbing.

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