Four Things You Need In Your Survival Bag No Matter What

Nobody wants to think that something bad could happen, but in the world today we have to be prepared for any eventuality. No matter where you live, there are all kinds of reasons why you could have to leave your home in a hurry in an emergency situation. Being prepared is therefore essential.

Packing a survival bag is vital in the event of any kind of natural disaster. Whether you’re at risk of hurricanes, storms, floods or tornadoes, having an emergency kit ready to go at a moment’s notice is always a sensible idea for you and your family if you want to make sure that you can get through any situation without problems.

So, what do you absolutely need to put in your survival bag regardless of the emergency? It’s important to get the decisions right, especially when you may not be able to carry a lot with you, so planning in advance is important. Here, we give you our top four items that you absolutely must put in your kit bag. With this information in mind, you’ll be ready to leave your house at a moment’s notice just in case the worst should happen.

Water Filter System

Although you might think that you need gallons of fresh water, carrying bottles and bottles of the stuff around with you simply isn’t feasible, especially if you won’t be using your car. Consider instead adding a portable water filtration system to your survival bag. You can easily carry it wherever you need to go and you can use it with any source of running water for a virtually unlimited supply. Water purification tablets are very lightweight and easy to carry since they’re small enough to slip into a pocket of your bag.

A Bivi Bag


There are few items you need to add to your survival kit more than a bivi bag. Incredibly lightweight and easy to roll up and take anywhere, you can easily use it whenever you need shelter. Whether you have to sleep outdoors or whether you just need a sleeping bag to stay on a shelter’s floor, a bivi bag can solve your sleeping problems. These all-in-one sleeping/shelter solutions are designed to be breathable, waterproof and you can get complete details here.

A Source Of Light

Another vital component in any survival kit is a source of light. You don’t want to be left in the dark unable to see where you’re going in an emergency. You have a few different options to choose from. Simple battery operated flashlights might be ideal for immediate use, but if you’re looking for a battery-free solution for lighting a larger space you might want to consider a wind-up lantern. Alternatively, a headlamp is another bright solution which is perfect if you need to be able to operate the light hands-free.

Solar Chargers

Being able to use your mobile devices such as your smartphone is pretty important in the event of an emergency, and being left without a source of power can be a complete disaster, especially if you need to let family members or friends know where you are and that you are ok. While you may not have access to a traditional power outlet, or indeed, there may be a power outage which prevents you from charging your device in the standard way, there is a better alternative which is suitable for use anywhere. A solar powered charger can power up your tablet or cell phone after just one day of sunlight allowing you to get in touch with your loved ones conveniently.

These are just four of the key items that you need to include in your emergency survival kit. Of course, there are many other items that you might want to think about putting in too. It goes without saying that you’ll need some food, any medications you use, some basic toiletry items and, whenever possible, some spare clothing so that you can get through any emergency without problems.

Hopefully, an emergency situation will never arise, but just in case it does, if you follow these top tips you’ll be well prepared should the worst happen.

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