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4 Essential Pieces of Gear That Can Help You Survive the Apocalypse

Having the right gadgets and gear could help you to survive whatever the apocalypse has to throw at you. Being prepared is always a good plan of attack when it comes to matters of survival. But you have to make sure that your survival supplies and gear is sturdy and long-lasting enough to survive when other things break down. Here are just of few pieces of gear that will prove beneficial when you’re on your own.

Water Filtration Device

Water is an essential ingredient when it comes to ensuring your survival. Being able to filter your water will prevent you from contracting a waterborne pathogen. One of the best devices to use when you want fresh water is a water bottle that has the carbon filter built into it. This will reduce the amount of items that you need to pack with you when you’re on the move. It’s also easier to use because all you have to do is fill up your water bottle and not try to siphon it through another device.

Weather Alert System

The weather that you’re going to encounter may not seem like that big of a deal until it does. Being able to prepare for inclement weather conditions gives you a better chance at survival. You’ll know when you’ll need to seek out shelter before it’s too late. Another thing that you’ll be able to do is batten down the hatches if a storm is approaching your area. This type of device may even be modified to speak to other survivors. A weather alert system may be a bit more high-tech and require more maintenance, but if it helps your survival in the long run, it may be worth it.

Failproof Transportation

Dependable transportation is a lifesaver. Look into getting a truck with military-grade, high strength aluminum alloy, all terrain tires, and hill descent control, like the 2019 New F 150. A flatbed vehicle with off-road capabilities that can haul all of the gear that you require makes it easier to move to a new location if the situation necessitates it will help you move to a new location and transport people and supplies as long as you have the fuel. There’s nothing worse than needing to get somewhere safe and not being able to get your vehicle started. Selecting the right model will ensure that you don’t have to deal with a flakey car while trying to make life and death decisions. Make sure to have ways to access or store gasoline as well, and make use of what you have to set up a base before you risk running out.

Emergency Ration Pack

Food is another essential part of being able to survive. You don’t want to have to scrounge for food when conditions aren’t safe. Another problem is that bulky food stores can be difficult to transport until you’ve established a safe base of operations. Having a durable pack that’s filled with MRE’s can mean the difference between your family surviving or failing. They take up less room than canned foods and last just as long.

There are all sorts of types of gear and supplies that can prove to be beneficial in a survival situation. Use these tips to cover your bases and survive long enough to establish a long-term solution.

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