Gear Up Your Home for Any Worst Case Scenario: 4 Simple Tips

Despite efforts to keep disaster at bay, it sometimes cannot be averted. That means that homeowners should make sure they are always prepared for unexpected worst case scenarios that may occur. The following are kinds of emergency gear that you should have on hand to help protect your family and your precious home.

  1. Fire Extinguishers

    Always ensure that each floor of your home has a functional fire extinguisher. Since most fires start in the kitchen, it is beneficial to place an extra one there. In fact, your insurance company may even offer a special discount for having extinguishers around your home. Multipurpose A:B:C extinguishers are the best buy because they can extinguish flames resulting from combustible, flammable liquid, and electrical fires. Choose a lighter weight extinguisher, around five pounds, so that it can be easily lifted by all members of your family. Once you have plenty of extinguishers, check the pressure gauges often and recharge them when necessary to prepare for unforeseen fires.

  2. Smoke Detectors

    It is crucial to have battery-powered smoke detectors outfitted on at least every floor of the home. Make sure that there are detectors placed near the kitchen and bedrooms especially. For optimal use and less frequent battery replacements, opt for a model with a sealed in, 10 year lithium battery that will give the gear a longer life.

  3. Carbon Monoxide Alarms

    Carbon monoxide is known as being the silent killer because it is not readily noticeable until the severity of the situation causes symptoms. To make sure the air your family is breathing in is safe, place a carbon monoxide alarm on each level of your home. Have these alarms outside every bedroom, so your family will wake up in the night if need be. The most convenient and beneficial models plug into an outlet, while having a battery backup.

  4. Home Security System

    When an unexpected break-in occurs, you will be glad that you have invested in a home security system to protect your family from burglary and potential serious harm. Most companies for security today offer homeowners several wireless security options with remote access and video surveillance to be vigilant against thieves. The best part is the security company will receive an alarm when an emergency occurs, so that police or law enforcement can be on their way immediately.

These are the most critical tools and products to have installed within your home to defend your family and home from emergency situations. Once these items are on hand, you will be able to ease your worries knowing you are protected.

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