Gearing up: 5 Essential Emergency Items Everyone Should Own

An emergency can occur at any time, so you must prepare ahead of time by buying the supplies required for survival for a few days or weeks. Not only do you need the basic necessities, but also, you should make sure to have the electrical power needed to make your life comfortable during an emergency.

Bottled Water

ToolsYou probably take running water for granted until it is turned off during an emergency. Each individual in your home requires a minimum of eight glasses of water per day, but in some situations, they will need more. You should have cases of bottled water in individual serving sizes or huge containers. You will also need additional water for cooking food and sanitizing some items.

First-Aid Kit

It is imperative to have a first-aid kit in your home during emergencies such as blizzards or hurricanes. A basic first-aid kit will have items such as bandages, antibiotic ointment and tweezers, but you might need more medical supplies. If you or someone in your family has a serious medical condition, then you should have extra medications available.

Nonperishable Food

You should keep a large supply of canned goods in your home to have enough food available when an emergency occurs. Buy numerous cans of tuna or chicken, and also, have canned fruits and vegetables. Make sure to have a manual can opener so that you can open the cans of food. In most cases, you can eat canned food without cooking it, but you can also have freeze-dried meals that require you to add water before boiling the items.

Candles and Flashlights

During an emergency, you won’t have electric lights, so you should have flashlights, batteries, candles and matches available. If you use candles, then maintain caution to avoid a fire or explosion inside a home. It is possible to find flashlights that wind up so that you won’t need batteries. To conserve the items when an emergency occurs, you will want to use candles and flashlights as little as possible.

An Electric Generator

If you want to have electricity during an emergency, then buy a generator from a company like Oak Electric or a similar business. These devices work with a variety of methods, including hand cranks or gas turbines. With a generator, you can have enough electricity to keep a refrigerator working and to provide climate-control during extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Make sure to store your emergency supplies correctly so that the items will last for several months or years. Keep nonperishable food in a dry location inside containers that pests cannot enter. While using a generator, follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid an explosion or exposure to poisonous fumes.



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