Going Creative With a Flat Roof

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A flat roof doesn’t have to be a dull, grey, unattractive slab of concrete. In fact, many homeowners aren’t putting up with their standard flat roof and are using every ounce of creativity to turn their roof into a living paradise. Some local authorities are even offering cash grants to help homeowners retrofit their flat roofs into something a bit more attractive to the eye.
With this in mind, just how are homeowners retrofitting their flat roofs? Here are a couple of projects that flat roof owners can embark on.


‘Living’ roofs are becoming more and more popular to owners looking to spice up their flat roofs. Meadow-style roofs with plants, paving slabs and green grass are turning top-floor flats without a traditional garden area into an all-in-one green haven. They’re becoming increasingly common for good reason; the idea of a grassy roof complete with deckchairs, tables and space to have a drink with friends is an idea that encourages many part-time developers to spruce up their roof.

However before buying up slabs of grass to stick on your flat roof, it is highly recommended to check if the angle and strength of your flat roof will support such a venture. An ageing, traditional flat roof might not support the weight of a roof garden while the angle of the roof could be an obstacle, especially if it breaches the 20 degree mark.

In addition, adequate drainage will have to be maintained in order to prevent a build-up of rainwater in the soil. Hire a professional to create a system where water always flows properly to guttering. Following on, homeowners will have to ensure the guttering remains clog-free.

Solar panels

Homeowners worried about their flat roof space going to waste could consider installing solar panels, making their flat roof work for them. The electricity stored by solar panels help power homes across the country, effectively paying for itself after taking reductions in utility bills into account. No wonder they’re so popular!

Solar panels work best at a 30 degree angle so owners of houses with flat roofs will have to prop up their panels to use them efficiently. In addition, extreme wind can be a potential problem for panels on flat roofs as it could have an impact on the structure propping the panels. If homeowners are having rows of solar panels on their roof, they’ll have to ensure the panels in front do not shade the panels behind. After all, there is no point in filling your roof with solar panels if they will only work efficiently when the sun is high in the sky.

Both ideas in this article sound daunting at first but with a bit of research and professional help, homeowners can turn their standard flat roof into a playground for their creative streak. When you sit back in a sun lounger, sipping a ice-cold drink on a hot summer’s day on top of your rooftop garden paradise, you’ll know that it’ll be worth the hassle!

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