Going to Ground: How to Prepare Your Homestead for Emergencies

If you live off the grid in a homestead, you’ll want to be prepared for any emergencies that might arise. You won’t have access to some of the same resources that people living in larger communities have, and taking the right precautions can help you keep your private abode intact. These four tips can help you prepare your homestead for emergencies.

Get to Know Any Nearby Neighbors

Even though you’re living off the grid and outside the realm of more traditional society doesn’t mean that you won’t have like-minded neighbors in your vicinity. Getting to know these people is a great way to build a community that looks out for one another. You can notify these neighbors and ask them for help if you ever run into any trouble that puts your homestead in jeopardy. Even if the closest neighbors live a few miles away, you should still get to know them to help keep yourself better protected in case of an emergency.

Ward off Pests

Critters in nature can wreak havoc on your homestead. These pests may try to get into your food supply or steal materials that were used to construct your abode to use for their own homes. Bears, mountain lines and other ferocious beasts can also invade your living quarters and put your personal safety at risk. Setting traps and using certain sprays that are known to deter wild animals can keep pests out of our homestead. If you choose to keep a gun on you to shoot any dangerous animals, it’s still important to make sure that you don’t violate any gun laws in your area.

Employ Fire Safety

A fire could break out in your homestead when you least expect it, and you’ll want to have a fire safety plan in order to quickly resolve the situation. Having a working fire extinguisher that isn’t past its expiration date should be a priority. It’s also wise to keep an extra supply of water handy to douse any smaller fires, and using one of the most efficient residential water well pumps on the market can give you easy access to all the water that you need.

Winterize Properly

Country House

Winterizing your homestead properly will be especially important if you live in a region where the winters are particularly cold. Insulating your abode with eco-friendly materials like sheep’s wool or cotton can keep you more comfortable and your homestead better intact. Any equipment that you use to help run your homestead should also be winterized by adding sufficient amounts of antifreeze and other fluids to provide protection from the cold.

You can preserve your homestead for the long term if you do everything that’s necessary to keep it safe. The extra effort that you put into maintaining your homestead could make a big difference when it comes to your quality of life.

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