3 Types of Guns to Keep in Your Home for Self-Protection

A can of pepper spray won’t save you or your family in the event of a serious break-in by an armed intruder. It’s time to take the responsibility to arm yourself appropriately, to protect yourself, your property, and your family there is no reason not to be armed in the event of a home invasion. Let’s look at the three types of guns that are widely considered the best for home protection.

Gauge Pump Shotgun

The venerable 12-gauge shotgun is recommended by many home defense experts. Often, the distinctive sound of racking the pump is enough to send an intruder running. It’s a devastating weapon at close range, and it doesn’t require a good aim. Simply pointing in the direction of the intruder and pulling the trigger will do the job.

For women, a 20-gauge shotgun may be a better choice; while it still packs a deadly shot, there is much less recoil.

Another advantage to a shotgun is the cartridges are relatively inexpensive. The Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500/590 are two popular shotguns. They are both sturdy, as well as affordable, and have a good track record. They also have a large number of accessories for customization.

Caliber Pistol

Man Aiming Gun

While some may scoff at the idea of a 22 for home-protection, the truth is, more home intruders have been stopped by a 22 than you might think. Handguns chambered for a .22 round are compact, affordable, and one of the most common types of firearm. They’ve been the gun of choice in American households for over a century. A 22 caliber pistol is easy to shoot, has light recoil, and doesn’t make a lot of noise. The rounds are also affordable. The Ruger Mark I .22LR pistol is a classic. The Kel-Tec Pmr30 Mag Pistol is also an excellent choice; it holds 30 rounds in the magazine, giving you the extra firepower when you need it.

9mm Pistol

A 9mm pistol is an extremely popular handgun for home defense. The magazine can load a lot of rounds, a 9mm has a moderate amount of recoil, and the ammo is cheap and readily available. While many gun manufacturers produce 9mms, Glocks are very popular. They are simple and accurate. However, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, and Taurus also make quality 9mm pistols.

Arming yourself in the case of a home intruder is not only your right, but it’s also your duty. Don’t be caught off-guard and vulnerable when you least expect it.

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