Home Base: Unique Planning Ideas for You and Your Prepper Crew

Becoming a prepper means that you need to develop the ability to live off of the grid in the event of an emergency. Taking these steps is the best way that you can protect your family from the unexpected. Here are just a few of the projects that you should undertake around your home.

Develop Alternative Sources

Energy becomes a precious commodity when you need to go off the grid. How you plan to heat your home and cook your food is essential. There are options that can be undertaken in any home environment to make this process simpler. Solar panels are some of the more efficient means to go about providing your home with alternative sources of power. You can also install solar panels that will heat your water. A wood burning stove or fireplace might also be useful for cooking and heating purposes.

Focus on Water Filtration

Clean water is essential for sustaining life. This means that you need to have some mechanism that will allow you to filter your water source. There are in-line water filtration systems that can be hooked up in your home. This type of system works best if you get your water supply from a well. In some climates, you may be able to capture rainwater for some of your needs.

Set up Your Operations


Many of the best home base operations are those that have some land. Look into ranch land real estate auctions in order to get some of the land that you may require to develop a stronger base of operations. Purchase land that will give you enough space to construct windmills and has a stream nearby. Being able to spread out a little bit will give you the buffer that you need to survive in a true emergency situation.

Create Year-Round Growth

You don’t only need to eat during the warmer months. This means that you need to be able to grow your own food supply all year long. Constructing a greenhouse will give you the ability to sustain your family for years to come. Another thing to consider is your choice of seeds. Certain seed varieties are more resistant to colder weather than others. This will allow you to extend your outdoor growing season and provide your home base with a more sustainable food source.

Focusing on the basics of survival projects is the best way to prepare your home base. Use these tips to get you started planning for yourself and your prepper crew.

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